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Adorable Bandana Bib + GIVEAWAY

posted by LindsaySatmary August 6, 2014

I’m sure many of you mom’s have seen the adorable new baby fashion trend: bandana bibs…. well I thought they were just too cute so I had to order some for Aidan!

Lindsay Satmary Mommy Blogger

Lindsay Satmary Mommy BloggerILindsay Satmary Mommy Blogger Lindsay Satmary Mommy BloggerwLindsay Satmary Mommy Blog ReviewsiLindsay Satmary family ll honestly say that after using this bib style, I have a really hard time switching back to the other style bibs. These particular bibs were ordered from an Etsy shop called LoveBabyJBoutiQue. It’s owned by Jayne, a mom of 5, and I love supporting other mom-owned businesses!

Seriously, how cute is this?!

Photos taken July 24, 2014–Aidan was 5.5 months old here! And yes, Andrew loves to “pet” Daddy’s hair. So silly!

stylish and trendy baby gifts


What I love about these bibs:

What’s not to love?! They are absolutely adorable! They are cut in way that it doesn’t hide baby’s outfit but rather enhances it like an accessory. I always hated dressing them up in the cutest outfits, only to have their outfits hidden by a bib. And while the cuteness factor is amazing, it’s not my favorite feature of this bib. My favorite feature is by far the comfort factor. These bibs are made with soft cotton fabric and backed with soft minky fabric. They are soooo cuddly and soft and perfect for new baby skin. They are also fastened in the back with a snap, which is nice because the Velcro bibs can irritate the back of baby’s head if it’s not positioned just right. Aidan loved wearing these bibs and I hope your baby will too! In fact, I’m going to give you a chance to WIN one at the bottom of this post! But first, I had a chance to interview Jayne about her new business and I thought it would be fun to share so you can get to know the mom behind these wonderful products! (She also has other baby products for sale as well, as pictured above.)

Note: These bibs are currently for sale for a great price of $14 for a set of two (plus shipping!). I received one complimentary bandana bib in exchange for an honest review and one for a giveaway (see below). And then I immediately ordered some more because they’re way too cute!

Interview with LoveBabyJBoutiQue:

 Lindsay: Are you a mom or do you have other kids in your life? Tell me a little bit about them…

LoveBabyJBoutiQue: I am a mother to five young adult children ranging in the ages of 21 to 29, one of which has given me a beautiful granddaughter!

L: What made you decide to open up an Etsy shop recently?

LBJB: For many years I have been making baby items for my children when they were younger, my granddaughter, and as gifts for friends and family. My cousin has a boutique baby store here in Spokane Washington and asked me to make some bibs and nursing pads to sell in her store. It has been going very successfully, and so I decided to put some items on Etsy. It’s fun and rewarding to do what I love.

 L: How long have you been sewing for?

LBJB: I have been sewing since the early 80’s. My love is quilting, which I haven’t made any for my shop yet, but I have some cut out and ready to work on. I can’t wait to start making them and building my shop even further!

L: Do you sell anywhere other than Etsy? Craft shows, retail stores, etc.?

LBJB: I sell items at my cousin’s baby boutique store “Sweet Repeat” in Spokane, Washington, and I make items for my friends when they need a shower gift.

 L: How do you select the prints for your fabrics? Do you follow fashion trends, go after personal preferences, etc.?

LBJB: I select fabrics that are modern and current. I enjoy putting different fabrics together and creating something that is both unique and stylish. The fabrics that are in the stores now are just so fun and different from the baby fabrics I used way back when.

  L: What does your creative space look like? Do you work from home? Do you have a room dedicated for your crafting or perhaps the dining room table?

LBJB: I have a sewing room with a leopard print wall that my daughter and I painted when she still lived at home. It’s bright and sunny, and my sewing machine is facing the front window so I can still feel like I am outdoors even when I’m inside. I love to be outside and tending my flowers or enjoying the sunshine.

L: Is this something you are doing full time or as a hobby?

LBJB: I work full time as a CT tech, but I work 12-hour shifts, so I have many days open that I can create. Sewing is my hobby, and it relaxes me and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. It’s great to be able to do something I love, and to feel like others appreciate it too.

  L: Tell me about other products you are working on.

LBJB:  Quilts! I am also planning on making tooth fairy pillows and baby blankets, and I would also like to make things that are not targeted for just babies, like pillow slip covers, fabric coasters, decoupage boxes, more boot cuffs, and of course quilts! I have so many things yet I still want to do!

L: What plans do you have for your shop for the next 3 months?

LBJB: For the next three months I am focusing on adding more inventory. It takes a long time to build inventory, and I take great care in each piece I make, so slowly but surely I will get there!

L: What’s your favorite music to listen to while you work?

LBJB: I LOVE music, and am a big fan of the 90’s alternative bands: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Collective Soul, Live, but I listen to all kinds of music while I am sewing.

Jayne Franetich Blog Review

WIN an Adorable Bandana Bib:

Okay, so if you have a baby or know someone who has a baby, you’ll want to enter to WIN this adorable (gender neutral) bandana bib pictured here:

Adorable Baby Bandana Bib

How to Enter:

1. Share this Blog post on Facebook or Twitter.


2. Comment below and tell me what your baby’s favorite food is. If your baby hasn’t had any “solid” food yet, tell me which one you’re excited for him/her to try!

Rules: You must comment below and share the post. All entries will be verified by me. You will get 5 entries if you do both! Winner will be randomly selected. Check back here on August 13th around 5:00PM EST to see the WINNER announced. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize or I will select someone else. Free shipping within the US, International shipping charges apply. Good luck!

Thanks for reading and be sure to connect with LoveBabyJBoutiQue on Etsy to order your cute custom made baby accessories!



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