Aidan Meets his Grammie!

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My family came to visit from California. It was so exciting for everyone to meet Aidan for the first time while he’s still little (just turned 2 months old) and spend some time with Andrew who is MUCH bigger than last time they saw him. We made some great memories that I will share in other posts. Here are a few photos of my mom with Baby Aidan during their first night together 🙂

Maggie ToddMaggie ToddPaperclips and PacisMaggie Todd and Baby AidanMaggie Todd and Baby AidanPaperclips and PacisPaperclips and PacisPaperclips and PacisPaperclips and PacisMaggie Todd Aidan SatmaryMaggie Todd Aidan SatmaryPaperclips and PacisAndrewPaperclips and Pacis Andrew and AidanPaperclips and Pacis Andrew and AidanPaperclips and Pacis Andrew and Aidan




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