Tips for Feeling Radiant On the Go

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As a mom with a baby, your routine will definitely change. Each baby is different. With the first baby, you bring all the gear with you every time you leave the house. With the second baby, you feel a little more confident with less stuff and more experience. And for me, with my third baby, I’ve discovered that getting out of the house is easier said than done. Three kids to load into the car. Three car seats to buckle and unbuckle. Forgetting something at home is just not an option. As a mom of one or two, I found I was able to keep my personal items in the diaper bag and not carry a purse. And now, finally, that’s changing again.

Pack Your Mom Bag:

The kids have all their stuff in the diaper bag and I’m back to packing a bag for myself again. It’s important for me to have my laptop with me so I can check emails as needed or work during a break of waiting in the car with the kids while my husband runs into the store. I like to have an extra outfit in the event of a baby situation, which does happen! I like to keep a notebook because the mom brain struggle is real. I used to have such an amazing memory and now I literally can’t think for myself unless I’m writing something down. My desk area is covered in Post-Its and I keep a notebook and pens in my purse to keep track of any ideas, to-do list items, grocery store needs, and upcoming appointments that may pop up while I’m out of the house. I could certainly write things down in my phone, but something about putting pen to paper really helps me remember. And my phone isn’t always charged (guilty!).


Be Prepared:

I also keep a few Always® Radiant pads on hand in case my period comes a bit early, so that I’m prepared. After having three babies, I know that my cycle isn’t always on the same schedule. Things like lack of sleep, my diet, and other factors can cause an early or late period. So being prepared when I’m out with my kids is really important.

Having snacks in my bag is a must! Waiting in line is hard, and it’s even harder with little ones. Having a snack on hand allows everyone to hang on just a little longer. It’s also great for me! Plan your meals ahead of time. If you know you’ll be away from home during lunch, figure out a few options: perhaps you bring food with you, eat before you go, or have a couple places in mind to grab some food that will work for everyone.

We have some essentials that we keep in the car just in case: a towel, a blanket, flashlight, and emergency supplies. In the diaper bag I prepare enough supplies for spending an entire day away from home: diapers and wipes, changes of clothing, bibs, toys, etc. I like to know that should something come up while we’re away from the house, I don’t have to go back home for anything.

I also always check the weather before we make plans. We’ve had some really bad storms for the past few weeks. Checking the weather helps me avoid being out in a torrential downpour with all the kids, finding days for family outings that aren’t as hot as other days, and planning outfits for everyone.

Be Comfortable:

I’m definitely in the stage of mom life that I choose comfort first. I still have to work on getting back in shape so I try to choose things to wear that are comfortable for the way I am now. I love leggings and yoga pants for pure comfort. I think pairing them with a nice shirt makes them look a little better. I also wear flat shoes. Carrying a baby and loading kids in and out of the car means I need to be able to move around easily. I’m totally okay with this stage of life that I’m in. I enjoy being comfortable and I believe when you feel comfortable you can feel happier.

This is why Always Radiant pads are a must-have for me when I’m on my period. They are not like other kids of pads that are bulky and uncomfortable. These are made with a thin layer of flex foam technology and you can hardly feel them! They are super absorbent, even for someone like me who has Endometriosis. I have actually been using these for years and I completely trust the Flex Foam technology (that gives you 10 hours of protection!) for on the go busy days or even overnight usage! The packaging is designed with fun, bright colors. Always Radiant pads are also designed to fit every woman’s size, underwear style preference, and flow. Using the Always Size Selector Tool™, you can easily find the right-sized pad for your unique monthly cycle. I think having options is great since we all experience our period differently. Visit for more information! You can pick up Always Radiant pads in various sizes from Walmart at everyday low prices!

Be Hydrated:

One of the things that I struggle with is drinking enough water. We live in Florida and it’s very hot here. I always make sure my kids are hydrated but I’m working on doing a much better job of also keeping myself hydrated. One of the things I found that works great for me is having a special drinking container that’s just mine. I tend to drink more when I have something I can bring with me.


What tips do you have for making on-the-go easier?

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Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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