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Hey everyone! In my last Baby Must Haves post, I shared with you my Baby Feeding Favorites. In this post, I’m going to share the first of a three part series about Baby Sleep. I’m going to share my story about our struggles with getting our babies to sleep through the night and introduce you to an amazing new product that could really make a difference for you and your baby! Also, be sure to stay tuned to the end because I have a surprise for you!

Baby Sleep:

When you have a baby everything changes! For some parents, sleep is probably the biggest change! Everyone loves to ask you if your baby is sleeping through the night. When you’re a new parent, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming trying to make sure you’re doing it all right, that your baby is hitting every milestone, and is on par with all the other moms on social media, or matches up to the methods and systems from the 35 people who are self-proclaimed baby experts. And some of them do mean well. But what you’ll quickly learn is that no two babies are alike. What works for one person’s baby may not work for yours. And that’s okay. It’s okay for your baby to be different. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed. Parenthood was never made to be easy. But you should know that there are always options of things you can do or try and eventually you WILL find that one thing that does the trick. You WILL sleep again! If you’re currently exhausted, you aren’t alone. So many parents struggle with getting their baby to sleep. Maybe they don’t all talk about it because we all want to put our best lives out there, but some babies definitely have sleep issues. I’m going to share with you the STRUGGLE that we had with baby sleep and explain how each of our three babies were so different. I think sharing my story is important because I know that somewhere out there, a tired mom is going to see this post and maybe something I say will help her feel less alone. And maybe a recommendation could even be the one thing she was searching for to help her little one sleep. Grab a snack because this is going to take a few minutes. I promise it’s worth it and I have something for you if you stick with me!

Watch my Baby Sleep Story Video Here:

Introducing the CribCulture SleepSuit™ with SleepCool System™:

What’s a SleepSuit? I didn’t know about it either and I totally wish I had when we struggled with our second baby not sleeping for an entire year! A SleepSuit is a swaddle transition that helps babies feel the comfort of being held by the weight of the SleepSuit. This helps babies calm down a bit and get themselves into a more restful state in order to give you some extra sleep. I’ve heard people say that using a SleepSuit has literally been a difference of a couple hours of sleep every night! What?! I’m going to be totally honest and say if I had a million dollars during our second baby’s first year, I would have traded it for 2 consecutive hours of sleep! If you’ve been that exhausted, you get it. And if you get it, this SleepSuit may be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’ve watched my video above and listed to our baby sleep story, you know that we tried EVERRRRYTHING to get our sweet Aidan to sleep and he just didn’t. In fact, it was a year before he would sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. The. Struggle. Was. Real. And I don’t know how no one told me about a Sleepsuit, but when I had the opportunity to work with CribCulture to tell you guys about this amazing product, I jumped at the chance! I WISH someone told me about this when we were exhausted.

This SleepSuit is different from others. It has a patented SleepCool System™ that is a mesh-like, breathable material on either side of the SleepSuit allowing air to flow through and cool the baby off a bit. Their SleepSuits are also made with open hands and open feet areas so you can roll them up as needed for the perfect fit. The SleepSuit zips up and you can use the zipper to adjust the neck opening as needed for comfort.

The SleepSuit gets baby all cozy, like he or she is being held, without the worry or risk of a blanket. It’s thick enough for that added comfort but still a great option all year long. The quality is amazing and it’s available in a variety of gender neutral colors and patterns. This one is grey with chevron. It’s so soft and cozy and really, really well made. If I could shrink Avalynn down a bit, she’d be in this every night! But since she is too big for it….. one of you guys will have a chance to WIN this 3-9 month grey with Chevron sleepsuit! It’s free and easy to enter. Check below for the giveaway rules and good luck!


The SleepSuit retails for $59.99 and is available on Amazon. Guess what? I’ve got an AMAZING discount for you guys! If you click here to buy the CribCulture SleepSuit on Amazon,  you can choose a SleepSuit in any color and a 25% OFF discount will automatically be applied at checkout. (If you have any issues, message me!) This is an AMAZING gift for expecting parents because not only is it a functional item that will be used every night for months, but it can help baby sleep better which is a priceless gift for new parents!

Check out CribCulture Matching Fitted Crib Sheet Sets!

[Note: the color is slightly off in this photo. Look below for a more accurate color depiction.]

But wait, friends….there’s more! CribCulture also has three sets of cute fitted crib sheets that match their sleepsuits and look super cute! One has Chevron print with a color and the other has confetti dots. I really love both! We have a set for Avalynn and she loves to try to catch the dots! They are available in mint and grey (we have this set), grey and orange, or all grey. I love that they come in a 2-pack so you always have a clean one when the other is in the laundry. I love the colors and that they are gender neutral! And if your baby is little enough for a sleep set, you can play matchy matchy for the cutest Instagram photos! And if you click here to shop CribCulture fitted crib sheet sets on Amazon, you will receive 25% off your order (automatically applied at checkout)!



This giveaway will run from today through June 11th at 6:00PM EST. One lucky winner will be selected at random and notified via email. All entries WILL be verified, so do not use fake accounts or fake information. “Giveaway only” accounts will be automatically disqualified. This giveaway is open to US residents only. The information you provide will be kept private.  NO purchase necessary to win. You may win and gift this item to someone else so long as they have a US shipping address. I will happily ship to APO/FPO addresses! This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Inc, Facebook, Inc, or YouTube, Inc. By entering this giveaway you are giving me permission to invite you to join my monthly newsletter. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline that invitation as you see fit. If you have any questions about the giveaway, please reach out to me! Good luck!

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Be sure to check back soon for my Baby Sleep Must Haves and the third part of the series where I share allll my favorite Swaddles!

What sleeping techniques worked for you?

Please share in the comments below for all the tired mamas (and dads) who may see this!








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