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We’re back for another fun subscription box feature! This week, we will be unboxing Bayside Baby: Babies First Subscription Box.

Since this box is intended for babies, I thought it would be fun to let Avalynn get the honors of opening everything up herself! She was SO excited and had SO MUCH FUN going through this box all by herself! I won’t be surprised if baby boxes start showing up in the mail every month for her. She’s going to find a way to subscribe to all the boxes on my phone!

Watch Avalynn Unbox her FIRST Subscription Box in this VIDEO:

What’s Inside the Box?

Each Bayside Baby monthly subscription box has 5-6 high quality, full size products for mom and baby that can be customized by your babies gender and age throughout baby’s first year as well as during pregnancy. We were excited to receive the very FIRST box for this subscription launch and know that they’re going to do so well as they continue to grow!

Here are the products featured in this box:

Doddle & Co:

We received a Pop Pacifier -the cleaner pacifier (the pacifier that pops when it drops) from Doddle & Co. I saw these on Instagram last year and was really interested in trying one! It’s an amazing pacifier made from silicone that is unlike anything else out there. It’s designed to protect the part that goes into your baby’s mouth so that when (not if, because it WILL happen haha) the pacifier falls onto the floor, it will close up around it to keep it clean. Hopefully I explained that correctly. If you head over to the doddleandco.com website, you can see it in action! Such a genius idea!! They are available for $18.99 and you can choose from lots of fun, bright colors!

Marlo’s Bake Shop:

Next, we got a Soft-Bake Biscotti Chocolate Chip Brownie from Marlo’s Bake Shop. This is supposed to be a treat for mom, but Avalynn was VERY excited about this and tried to eat it throughout the entire video! A pack of these cookies retails for $6.99 and you can order them from www.marlosbakeshop.com! If you’re curious, I did give Avalynn a bite and she LOVED it!

She is a HUGE fan of chocolate, if you couldn’t tell!

Earth Mama Organics:

Next, we received a bottle of Earth Mama Baba Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage, Dry Skin and Scalp. This is a brand I really like- amazing quality, organic products that are safe for baby and for moms during pregnancy and after birth! See more of Earth Mama Organics at www.earthmamaorganics.com This product retails for $12.99.


Next, we got a tube of Erbaviva Organic Skin Care lip & cheek balm. This is great for Avalynn since she has been teething like crazy lately as well as eating new foods, so her cheek area has been irritated. I’ve been using it on her for about a week and it really works! You can learn more about erbaviva and their organic skin care products for moms and babies at www.erbaviva.com. This product retails for $13.


Finally, we have a couple items for mom and while I loved everything in this box, these were my favorite: Finchberry luxury soap and a wooden soap dish. If I could send something through your screen for you to smell this amazing, beautiful soap, I would! It SMELLS AMAZING! It actually made the entire box smell amazing! Finchberry soaps are made in Florida and they are as beautiful as they are scentiful (yep, made up that word!). The soap I got is in the scent Cranberry Chutney, a mix of cranberry, apple, and blackberry. These vegan soaps are layered and perfected with amazing details, sparkly glitters, and other fun accents. You will definitely want to hop over to their website and look at the full collection of soaps at www.finchberry.com! The soap retails for $9/bar and the wooden soap dish (which is also beautiful) retails for $6.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

We also received a few samples from the brands above, so it was nice to try a few more products! You can see those up in the unboxing video above! Overall, this box included over $60 in retail value of products, so for only $39.99, you’re getting a great value and amazing quality products! I highly recommend this box and Avalynn does, too!

Head over to Bayside Baby to order your box and use code: Avalynn for 10% OFF!

About Bayside Baby Co:

This subscription starts at $39.99 and is a great value considering the overall retail value of these products is much higher, most of the products are full size, plus you also get a few samples as well! Head over to www.baysidebaby.co to order your box or send one as a gift!

Do you love this Box?

Let me know what you think of Avalynn’s FIRST Unboxing in the comments!



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