How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Gift

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When it comes to celebrating birthdays, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect gift for someone you care about. Perhaps they already have everything. Or, maybe you aren’t sure what type of gift best represents your relationship. There are a few things to consider while on your search for the perfect birthday gift. I’ve partnered with Uncommon Goods to bring you some tips for buying birthday gifts so you will be the hero of your next party!


How old is your gift recipient? It’s important to make sure that your gift is age appropriate. You want your recipient to enjoy their gift right away! If you are shopping for a child, be sure the gift is safe for their age range. When shopping for an adult, consider the stage of life they are in. Typically someone in their 20’s would enjoy something fun. During this decade, people are in college or starting their careers and still discovering who they really are, and their responsibilities may be less now than in the coming years. In their 30’s something practical may be a better choice. This is often the decade where people get married, become parents, and buy a house. In their 40’s it could be something personal or memorable. This is the decade where the kids are growing up and the career is established. During this time, people are often reflective of the lives they’ve built and all their special memories leading up to where they are. If your gift recipient is in their 50’s or 60’s, this is a time where life begins to slow down a bit as retirement approaches. A person in these decades has much life experience to offer so perhaps a gift that reflects this wisdom would be ideal. A gift for a person in their 70’s and older would be best if it was either sentimental. This is an age where people prefer to collect memories rather than things, so finding something that represents a special memory would be a perfect gift!

Your Relationship:

The type of gift you give someone not only lets that person know that you’re thinking of him or her, but sometimes it can also convey your relationship with that person. You would get your significant other a totally different type of birthday gift than you would get a co-worker or a boss. Similarly, the birthday gift you choose for your best friend would likely be much different than the kind of gift you give to your child’s teacher. Be sure your gift sends the message you want it to! If someone is just a friend, you don’t want to select a gift that may hint that there is more interest there. You also don’t want someone special to feel like they were a last minute afterthought.


Knowing your gift recipient means you know what gifts will not work for him or her. If they are a new parent, gifts with small pieces would not be ideal. If they are practicing a certain lifestyle, like veganism, you’ll want to find a gift that is Eco-friendly and aligns with their beliefs. Some people are collectors and would love a themed gift. Other lifestyle elements to consider include: the climate where they live, the type of career he or she has, if they travel often, if they are on a specific diet, if they drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, if they have pets, etc.


Everyone enjoys a great gift, but men and women often enjoy different types of gifts. Of course there are always exceptions to these, but for the most part, men are into sports, outdoors, grilling, and technology. Women love pretty things, beauty and health items, home decor, and clothing.

It is such a great feeling when you find someone the perfect gift that you know he or she will love! It’s even better when they get to open their gift and you see that smile on their face! Over the years, I’ve found that it’s nice to shop for gifts that not everyone will know about. UncommonGoods is an online gift store that offers an amazing selection of carefully curated gifts for men and gifts for women. The items reflect all types of people, great quality, and a nice selection that people may not know about. I enjoy browsing through their site and thinking about specific people who each gift reminds me of. I love the idea of finding something new that isn’t available in every store. Each of the gifts sold on UncommonGoods are created by artisan vendors, many of which are handmade. It feels great to know that my purchase will support a family directly as well as make someone’s day when they receive the gift.

About UncommonGoods:

UncommonGoods has a great, inspiring story! It was founded in 1999 by a man named Dave Bolotsky. He was inspired by artisans he met around the country at trade shows and craft fairs and wanted to create an online platform for them to showcase their goods to the world without having to travel. He started the business from his New York apartment and built the business on a model of sustainability with 100 year-round employees. UncommonGoods aims to minimize their environmental impact, working with their artists to use sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible, choosing environmentally friendlier packing materials, and printing their catalog on Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] certified and recycled paper. They’re building relationships with non-profit organizations through Better to Give, a program they created that allows their customers to choose a partner for UncommonGoods to donate $1 to with every order. They also provide their employees with health insurance and fair pay, 50% more than minimum wage. So the next time you are hunting for the perfect birthday gift, you should head over to and know that your purchase will put some good back into the world!

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