[Book] Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo

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Book ReviewHeaven is for Real is the amazing and heartwarming true story about a family who, through an almost tragic experience of nearly losing their four year old son, got a glimpse of Heaven. A pastor and leader in his small town community, Todd Burpo tells the story of how him and his wife almost lost their oldest son due to an unexpected medical crisis. He explains the struggles he had with his faith during such a scary time, their financial hardships and personal struggles, and how their son, Colton, experienced something truly extraordinary during it all. Colton spent some time in Heaven while he was in surgery and was able to share with his parents incredible stories of what he saw while he was looking down on them, people whom he met in Heaven, including his unborn sister who his mother had miscarried before he was born, and other information that he couldn’t have known unless his experience truly happened.

I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time. As soon as I learned that they had turned it into a movie, I had to read the book first, because you just never know how accurately movies depict the real story. I read Heaven is for Real in two days. This was such a fascinating story and I couldn’t even imagine what it felt like to experience everything in real life! Death and afterlife, regardless of a person’s beliefs, are things that every single human on this planet will experience. To hear of a story like Colton’s is so rare and surreal. I absolutely believe in Heaven, but learning of someone’s personal experience really brings a comfort when thinking of loved ones who have passed away. I loved that Colton got to meet his great grandpa in Heaven, whom he hadn’t met before. I often think of my grandparents in Heaven who haven’t met my children and wonder if somehow they’re looking down on my new little family. I think everyone wonders things like that. And to hear these details of such an incredible encounter from a four year old with so many sings proving he really experienced it is something amazing. I can’t speak enough about how much this story really fascinated me. What I found most interesting was that in real life, the details of Colton’s encounter unfolded throughout the course of several years! There were a few parts in the book where Colton’s father, Pastor Todd Burpo, says that he could only handle the details in small doses. I feel like if this happened to me, I would want to know everything at once! I would have so many questions and curiosities. It would be so hard to think of anything else, so that was rather interesting! I also wonder what Colon’s life is like now that he’s much older. How do you go through living life on Earth after sitting with Jesus in Heaven?! I loved this story so much and I could have read so much more and would have loved to know even more details of Colton’s experience.

This was the movie edition book, so it included some interviews at the back of the book with the Burpo family and members of the film crew and cast from the movie. I really enjoyed this bonus section as it answered some questions that I had while reading the main story. I am definitely looking forward to watching the movie now and will enjoy sharing this story with friends and family. I highly recommend this book!

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through BookLookBlogger’s program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Heaven is for Real Todd Bupo




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