[Book] The Big Night Night Book by Georgie Birkett

Lindsay Satmary Parenting Story
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Lindsay Satmary Parenting StoryThe Big Night Night Book is a great book for very small children. We gave this book to our son, Andrew, for Christmas. He was 5 months old at the time. Since then, it’s been a part of his bed time routine (bath, book, bottle) nightly–which means we’ve read it once a day for over 4 months!

Andrew enjoys feeling the different textures and lifting up the red curtains and soft, blue blanket. The words flow easily through the book and rhyme very well. He usually seems engaged during the story. (He’s now 10 months old.) He has a giant giraffe and when he sees the giraffe in the book, he often squeals in excitement and looks over at his big giraffe. When we say “kitty” he looks over at his kitty. His favorite is the soft teddy bear. The only pages he doesn’t seem to have an interest in are the toothpaste/ducky pages. I think that will change when he gets a bit older.

My favorite thing about this book is that the way it is designed to appeal to small kids throughout different stages…from touch-and-feel babies to older toddlers as they become more aware of their environment and grow in their abilities. There are a few items that are interactive (finding the teddy bear hiding on all of the pages, counting to 3, etc.).

It’s a fun, easy book for kids with cute illustrations. My only dislike about this book is that the last page is harder to read because it’s black text on a dark blue background. While I was able to manage, it could be more difficult for a child just learning how to read themselves.

After reading the book so many times, I’ve now memorized it! The Big Night Night Book book is very special for us. Although we’ve read it countless times, each time is a completely different experience. It’s fun to see him notice more about the book and be able to associate some of the words in it with things in his own room.

I plan to save this book for Andrew to read to his own babies someday.





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