[Book] The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

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The Memory Child by Steena Holmes tells the suspenseful story about women’s struggle with her past and present life. A busy and successful executive married to a successful businessman, Diane has the perfect life. Then she’s surprised with a pregnancy her husband has dreamed of for years. How she copes with the unexpected surprise and falls in love with her baby in a way she never expected will be an important factor in dealing with a deep dark secret of the past when her present life and past secrets are forced to collide.

This is the second book I’ve read by Steena Holmes and I really love her writing style. She is able to paint a 360 degree picture of a story, sharing perspectives from all of the main characters in a way that gives you all of the information, yet keeps you guessing even more. I feel like this adds more dimension to the story making for a very enjoyable read.

I assumed that the plot in this book was very obvious from the beginning. It wasn’t until about two-thirds of the way through that I started to think maybe I was totally off. By the time I reached the end of the book, I realized I was wrong! This story covers some interesting and serious subject matter than isn’t widely talked about. I will say that topics covered in this book can be very emotional so certain people should read with caution. Having read this book only a couple weeks after giving birth to my second baby definitely played on my emotions a bit. After finishing the book, I did enjoy it and, although the subject matter was pretty serious, I feel it only made me appreciate things in my life that many of us take for granted even more. I hope Steena has planned a sequel to this story because I think it would be really interesting to see what adventures await Diane a few years down the road!

I do recommend this book and encourage people to read with an open mind to the very end!

Note: I received a complimentary advanced reader’s copy of this book from BookSparks PR in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Steena HoThe Memory Child Finding Emmalmes grew up in a small town in Canada and holds a bachelor’s degree in theology. She is the author of eleven novels and novellas, including Finding Emma, for which she was awarded a National Indie Excellence Book Award in 2012. She currently lives in Calgary with her husband and three daughters, and loves to wake up to the Rocky Mountains each morning.

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 BONUS: Author Interview (Updated May 6th, 2014!):

Lindsay Satmary: What was your inspiration for The Memory Child?

Steena Holmes: A friend of mine had gone through psychosis and I was amazed (and still am) at her strength, vitality and outlook on life after having gone through this. That – the inspiration of her strength – is what gave me the inspiration to write this story. It’s also a story of one of my deep ‘mother’ fears.

LS:  Throughout much of the story, Diane was trying to find balance between personal life as a mother and her professional life as an executive. How do you find balance in your own life between personal and professional duties?

SH: Balance? Really? As a mother of 3 teenagers, 2 dogs and a busy husband…I find it’s less a matter of balance and more a matter of what will get me through the day. LOL. I’m learning to focus on what is important here and now and to not clutter my life – both personal and professional with things that take me away from the important things. Like I said … I’m learning though (some days it means staying up late to write because the day was full of ‘family’ errands.

LS: The neighborhood where Brian and Diane bought their new house sounds delightful. Does it remind you of a specific place?

SH: It reminded me of a place back home – and even now, thinking about it – it makes me smile.

LS: Are there any plans for Diane in the future? Will there be a sequel?

SH: At this time I have no plans for Diane. I feel like I shone a bright light into Diane’s life and perhaps its time to let her be in peace, find some happiness, some joy after going through what she did. I hope she does.

LS: Between the Finding Emma series and The Memory Child, you’re able to tackle strong emotional topics. How do you pour yourself into such topics so carefully to cover the details and emotions in a way that many feel is very accurate compared with real life experiences?

SH: I pretend that I am the main character and everything that I write is or has happened to me. It’s very emotionally exhausting and draining but it’s the only way I can write with my heart. It also helps to then surround myself with family, friends and influences (like my secret society group) to keep me balanced.

LS: I feel like the role of Nina is very important. She seems to represent all qualities of a best friend, mother, and more. How did you come up with Nina’s character?

SH: I have many ‘motherly’ influences in my life and they have been so important to me. Nina’s character reminded me of one ‘mother’ I had when my youngest child was born – she’s a woman of strength, of faith and so close to my heart.

LS: Are you working on any new books right now? What should we get excited about next?

SH: I am! I’m so excited to be able to introduce my readers to a new series called Stillwater Bay. The first book – Stillwater Rising will be out in November (there may be a teaser prequel out in October). It’s another heart-hitting subject matter – the after effects of a small town school shooting and how a town heals. I love it. I love the characters, the town…they’ve become so real to me.

LS: Most people know that you love chocolate! What’s your favorite summertime chocolate indulgence?

SH: Favorite summertime indulgence…that has to be chocolate ice cream! Nothing beats it on a hot summer day! Well…maybe a sundae drizzled in hot fudge or a chocolate milk shake or….




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