We Made a Flashlight with Circuit Cubes!

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When it comes to learning about science and technology, there are endless lessons for kids that are so much fun. The ones that leave a lasting impression, are interactive, and hands-on…. lessons that literally make the light go on…. are the ones they will always remember! That’s exactly what your kids can experience with Circuit Cubes kits. We received the Bright Lights kit that allows kids to learn how circuits work by designing a GOBO or a super bright flashlight! These kits are designed for ages 8+ but with a bit of parental supervision, a younger child may be able to enjoy the kits also! Andrew is in kindergarten and LOVES science! He also loves to learn how things work so he was over the moon to try this kit out! We were able to help him with a few things but, for the most part, he did an amazing job all by himself!

The instructions are also great as they include a variety of easy-to-understand, step-by-step visuals.The kit includes instructions and parts for ten fun projects (with more available on circuitcubes.com) and they are compatible with Lego and Megabloks for endless fun, and many possibilities!

Build a Flashlight with Andrew in this video!


What’s Inside the Bright Lights Kit?

This kit includes a telescope tube, 12-stud beam, 2 4-stud beams, a micro USB chord (for charging the battery cube -which takes about half an hour), a motor cube, a battery cube, an LED cube, connectors, rubber bands, wires, a plate, a wheel, 6 clear mylar disks, and stickers to decorate your telescope with. Each of the cubes are different colors that helps you easily identify them in the instruction photos.

Let’s Build a Flashlight!

To see the steps that Andrew took to build his flashlight, watch the video above. Here are some fun photos to document the process. I’m so proud of him. He did such an amazing job with this project!

More About Circuit Cubes:

Circuit Cubes kits are amazing STEM activities designed by STEM teachers. In addition to Bright Lights, the kit we shared here, your kids can also enjoy Whacky Wheels, Smart Art, and the STEM starter (coming soon)! For fun STEM inspiration, follow @circuitcubes on Instagram!

Our Final Thoughts:

Andrew had SO much fun with this kit and we’re excited to create more fun projects for years to come! As a mom, I am so happy to see his love of learning and I think Circuit Cubes has really nailed it with these kits that offer just enough to get your kids started but allow their use of creativity and imagination to explore many new directions! Again, they’re designed for kids ages 8+ so if your child is younger, adult supervision is probably a good idea. There are some small pieces in the kit. But even if you do a lot of helping, it’s a great way for some hands-on time together and when your child’s eyes light up once they see what they’ve created, you will love it!

Do YOUR kids LOVE STEM projects?

Let me know what you think in the comments!



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