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Promotional Packages:

Please read the following review guidelines and choose the option that best fits what you’re looking for.

1. Blog Post Review (with pictures):

You mail at least one item to me for review. You pay shipping. I keep the item or give it away (my choice). I use your existing photos or I provide my own high quality photos of your item on my blog. My blog post is shared on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). You may use my blog post or images for whatever you like. I include at least one link to your website, Facebook, Amazon listing, or Etsy listing. Reviews for books are also shared on Amazon and GoodReads. If you have a product, I’m happy to share an honest review on your website or a retailer website of your choice so long as I can comply with FTC disclosure regulations.

Cost:  $95.00 + Product
Schedule/Availability: 1-2 weeks wait

2. Spotlight Feature with Interview (most common):

I post 1-2 short paragraphs about your item/business with an Interview (5-10 questions I send over via e-mail). I include at least 2 photos that you provide. I include at least one link to your website, Facebook, Amazon listing, or Etsy listing. I share on the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Cost:  $95.00 + Product
Schedule/Availability: 1-2 weeks wait

3. Review + Giveaway (most shared):

You mail me at least two items for review. I keep one and use the other for a giveaway. I include 1-2 paragraphs about your item/shop/you and (if you like) a short interview. I post this on all of my social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) and Reddit. I include links to your website/Etsy shop/Facebook/blog/etc. I require readers to comment on the post and connect with you on social media: Visit Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) in order to win. I keep the giveaway open for 5-10 days (other time frame is possible upon request).

Cost:  $150.00 + products (I cover shipping to giveaway winners)
Schedule/Availability: 1-2 weeks wait

4. Video Review/Feature Add-On:

You provide me with at least $50.00 value in product/s. I film a high quality video explaining what your item is, how it works, and what I like/don’t like about it. The video will be between up to 3 minutes long. The video will be posted to YouTube. In the video description on YouTube, I will include your product information and a link so people can find it. This can be added onto any other feature package.

Cost:  $75.00
Schedule/Availability: 2-3 weeks wait

5. Guest/Sponsored Blog Post:

I create a blog post written by you for my blog. This can include whatever you like (text, Q&A, photos, videos, links). I introduce your post briefly and then the rest of the post is by you. I share on at least three of my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn). If you have a special promotional code, I include that in this post so you can track visitors. All content subject to my approval. Any content deemed not appropriate will be automatically refunded and cancelled.

Cost:  $65.00
Schedule/Availability: 1 week wait, limited to 1 guest post per week. Subject to availability.
Combined with other Review type: yes

Social Boost: Get more eyes on you!

Instagram Feature:

Reach 16K+ awesome followers with a high quality image that will include niche-related hashtags directed to your target audience along with a an image and caption tag back to you!

Cost: $75.00

Schedule/Availability: 3-7 days wait

Pinterest Boost:

Lindsay Satmary Pinterest

Reach 12.5K awesome followers and over ONE MILLION monthly viewers with custom-designed, eye-catching, optimized pins that include a description and 5 hashtags. Each pin may be linked to my blog post feature of you or your own website, Kickstarter page, Etsy shop, Amazon store, etc. Pins will be directed to appropriate boards and pinned throughout the week during my most popular times for maximum exposure to each time zone.

Cost of 5 pins: $35.00

Cost of 10 pins: $50.00


Terms & Conditions:

Each item approved for review is carefully selected by me based on my personal interests and the interests of my readers. If it’s not a good fit, it will not get approved. All payments must be made in full via PayPal prior to any review postings. See each package for estimated turnaround time. Videos may take up to three weeks. All items must be received in new condition prior to review. Items received will NOT be returned for any reason. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

I am always honest with my reviews. If for some reason I really don’t like your product, I will let you know and you can choose for me to not post the review. I will never post a dishonest review for any reason. Every post is compliant with FTC regulations and, as a result, I am required by law to disclose a sponsored post or any items I receive for free to facilitate my review in a disclaimer.

If you’re interested in a review, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Media kit available upon request!

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