Fall Tips for Moms of Little Ones

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Fall is such a fun time of year. My kids LOVE to watch the leaves change colors and go on nature walks to collect leaves in all of the different colors. It’s such a beautiful time of year to make special family memories. It’s also a time when the weather gets colder and the kids start spending more time indoors. I’ve put together a few fall hacks for moms of little ones to help make your transition into this new season a smooth one! Enjoy!

Wardrobe Consolidation for Babies:

If you have a baby, you know that they grow SOOOO fast. Much too fast in my opinion! And as a result, they change sizes in their clothing rather quickly. Sometimes your little ones will grow so fast that they don’t even get to wear all of the items they have. With our boys, we had some clothing from Andrew that was packed away and before I could get to it, Aidan had already grown of of some of my favorite pieces! I wanted to be sure that Avalynn will get to wear all of her cute items….especially since she is our first girl!

I found some cute closet organizer rings that snap onto the bar and separate all of her clothing by size. This makes it super easy to see what is fitting her RIGHT NOW as well as what she has waiting for her as she grows. My goodness, once I organized everything, I couldn’t believe just how much she has! This girl is lucky to have some amazing aunties who sent her so many cute items. I also went through the boys and picked out a few of the neutral pieces. We actually prefer grey and teal over pink, so it worked out perfectly!

Then, I got some baskets to help keep her other items organized. In one basket, I keep all of her current shorts and leggings. In another basket, I put items that she’s grown out of so they aren’t hanging up for no reason. She is currently wearing 6 months clothing so all of her newborn to 3 month clothing has been moved into the basket. I will resell a few items and keep others for sentimental reasons (either to save for her when she grows up or to pass on to a family member). I love the basket system and how clean and organized it makes her closet look. It also allows me to keep her closet up to date as we go, which is an easy system to maintain.

As we approach fall, one tip I have for you is to go through your baby’s clothing and pull all the pieces that are too small.  Or perhaps if your kids’ are older and aren’t changing sizes as frequently, pulling the seasonal clothes that no longer work, may help you keep your kids’ closet tidy.

Stock Up on Huggies Plus Diapers and Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants:

With colder weather comes more bundling up. As you know, it is not safe for kids to wear jackets and coats while in their car seats. This means bundling up your little ones, removing the layer, and putting it back on once you get to the store….and repeating again on the way home. We have three little ones, so getting out of the house is no small task these days! Fall also brings cold and flu season with the beautiful, changing colors. If you can stock up on diapers and Pull-Ups, you won’t have to make so many trips to the store. That means less work and less exposure to germs! Costco has an awesome promotion going right now and we are all set for fall with Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Diapers for Avalynn and Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants for Aidan for bedtime! These huge boxes are amazing….and until October 22nd, Costco is offering $8.50 off all Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Little Movers Plus Diapers and $7.00 off Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants. This deal works both in store and online (with FREE shipping) through 10/21! So stock up and save time and money this fall at Costco!



Make Indoor Playtime Fun Again:

We will be trying to get out to the park as much as possible before the snow comes! But there are days that are a bit too chilly, so finding a variety of fun indoor activities the boys can do together is great! I’ve separated all of their toys into “stations” so we can rotate them on different days. This helps me manage the playroom MUCH better than when the toys are a free-for-all, and it also allows the boys to appreciate all of their toys over and over again. It’s so fun to watch them build and imagine together. Their playroom is such a happy place!

Fill Your Home with Fall Scents:

One of the best parts of changing seasons is filling your home with decorations and seasonal scents and flavors. I love finding the perfect candle or diffusing an oil that is just right for fall. Some of my favorite fall scents are, of course, Pumpkin Spice….along with Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffins (that’s fall-ish, right?) and boiling cinnamon and orange over the stove. Over the next week, I will be working with the boys to make homemade fall decorations and can’t wait! They love making things together and Andrew has always looked forward to each holiday and season.

Create a Christmas Countdown:

Speaking of which….. Andrew is now asking how many days until Christmas. I thought it would be fun to make an official countdown.You can use a light box like we did, or perhaps a chalkboard, dry erase board, wooden date blocks, or even a handmade craft!

As a kid, it is so exciting to get closer and closer to everyone’s favorite holiday. As a parent, it’s a great reminder of how much time is left to get all of the winter things done. Time goes by so quickly and while I want to enjoy all that fall offers, I also want to be sure we are all ready for winter and all of the festivities that will be part of our baby girl’s First Christmas!


What are YOUR Fall Mom Tips?




Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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