Father’s Day Gift Guide

father's day gift guide
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What does it mean to be a father? In our family it’s everything! My husband is the glue of our family. He helps me be a better mom, works hard to provide for us, and ensures that the boys are safe and happy each day. He is a hands-on dad who has no problem taking care of our sweet boys with whatever they may need from helping with meals and bath time, stinky diapers, the bedtime routine that sometimes includes pretending to be asleep so that Andrew will fall asleep, and much more. I admire the husband and man he is and I couldn’t ask for a better daddy to our sweet boys!

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts is actually easier than you may think. For the most part, men are simple. My husband isn’t a typical fishing/golf/tie kinda guy. For the dads out there who have other interests, I’m delighted to bring you a new and fun Father’s Day Gift List!

fathers day gift guide

I’ve partnered with Sign Your Name to bring you these fun and unique products that your husband is sure to love!

Personalized Sign Photo Name Coasters

fathers day gift guide


When it comes to gift selections, I’m always a fan of personalized gifts because they show the recipient that you put thought into it and also offer something unique. This awesome Personalized Drink Coaster Set pictured here is among many other personalized gifts from Sign Your Name. Unlike others, these personalizations are unique in that they are created from a variety of photographs from real signs to spell out the name. Professional photographer, Charles Sykes, found inspiration while traveling when he noticed a restaurant sign with his daughter’s name on it. Over the years he has built up a collection of photos of signs with letters and names from all across the US and some other countries as well!

I received a set of coasters for my family with each of our names on them. They look really cool but what was more amazing is that we have a lot of “A’s” in all of our names and each “A” was a different sign image!


Click here to browse their entire collection of personalized gifts. The coaster set pictured here is available for $32.


Flavor God Seasonings

fathers day gift guide

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that is true, then Flavor God will definitely do the trick! With so many great flavors to choose from, for cooking both meals and desserts (chocolate donut and pumpkin pie to name a few!), you will find so many delicious options! What’s great about the Flavor God products is that they are chemical and filler-free with low salt levels giving you an option for delicious and nutritious meals.  We’ve been using these in our home for about 6 months now and they are amazing! My favorite is the Everything seasoning which really does work on almost everything and Drew loves the spicy version.

AVOCADO BAKED EGGS FLAVORGOD.COM – Easy, hot-out-of-the-oven breakfast loaded up with super-healthy omega 3s and great flavors. Try this one with your favorite FlavorGod Seasonings! – *From @paleo_newbie_recipes – INGREDIENTS: – 1 avocado, halved and stone removed 2 eggs Salt and ground pepper to taste FlavorGod Seasonings of your choice (we used EVERYTHING for the egg and bacon one, and EVERYTHING SPICY for the egg and salsa one) Topping suggestions: 1/4 cup crumbled cooked bacon OR 1/4 cup fresh salsa and sliced jalapeño – INSTRUCTIONS: – Preheat oven to 425º F. Halve avocado and remove stone. Carve out a little wider hole in each half to hold the egg. Place avocado halves in separate ramekins so that avocados will not tip over. Crack 1 egg into each avocado half. Season with salt, black pepper, and FlavorGod Seasoning of your choice. Bake in 425º F oven until egg is cooked through, around 12 to 15 minutes. Add toppings such as fresh salsa, chopped bacon, chives, hot sauce, etc. Sprinkle with more FlavorGod Seasonings if desired.

A photo posted by Flavorgod Seasonings (@flavorgod) on



Shop Flavor God Seasonings & Grass Fed Jerky at www.flavorgod.com. Seasonings start at: $10.99. You can also save on Bundle sets. Tip: HURRY because right now they are offering a BUY 2 GET 2 FREE special promotion!


Play Mat Shirts for Dads & Kids from BKY Kid

If you have little boys, this gift will be fun for the entire family! I got one of these for my husband a few years ago from the bky Kid shop on Etsy and Andrew loved it! Each Dad t-shirt has a little track on the back so all dad has to do is lay down and little ones bring their toy cars to drive around the track! On one hand, it’s like giving dad a free massage! On the other hand, it provides an option for hands-on playtime which is always special! Choose from a variety of fun options that your kids will LOVE: car track, train track, outer space, and even glow-in-the-dark! You can either get a shirt for Dad or get the Dad & Child matching set! This is a great gift-from-the-kids option and they will be so proud to give it to their Daddy!

fathers day gift guide etsy

bky kid playmatshirt


fathers day gift guide


These play mat T-shirts are for sale on Etsy and prices start at $22 for Dad shirts and $39 for a Daddy and child set.


Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Copper Moscow Mule mugs are super trendy right now and a set of these would be a great idea for a Father’s Day gift idea! Not only do they look great on Instagram, but they come with a lifetime guarantee! These beautiful, handcrafted mugs contain 100% pure copper and no tin or nickel lining and look great on a desk, counter, or back patio table. The handle is welded on for easy cleaning (as they must be cleaned by hand).

fathers day gift guide

fathers day gift guide

fathers day gift guide


These mugs retail for $15.97 each on Amazon and are available with FREE Prime shipping.


JDAWGS Special Sauce

Our neighbor recently introduced us to the awesomeness in a bottle known as JDawgs Sauce. JDawgs is a gourmet hot dog restaurant here in Utah that was started by a BYU student. They have a special sauce that is so good they also bottle and sell it. So good in fact that I’m going to be honest with you guys even if it makes me look bad. Immediately after trying the sauce our neighbor brought us, we went and picked up a bottle the next day. And that was 2 weeks ago, and in that time it’s almost gone! This is a huge bottle. But the Special Sauce is the best condiment out there–I’m so serious! So among barbecue, this delicious sauce is amazing on a variety of other foods. I ate BLTs with avocado and Jdawg sauce for a week. It works great on pizza and even macaroni and cheese. Salad. You get the picture. My husband loves it and yours will too! The best part? It’s a gift you can enjoy as a family!

fathers day gift guide

fathers day gift guide


Unfortunately this one is not yet available for online purchase, but if you’re a Utah Valley local, you can pick yours up at one of the 4 Jdawgs locations for only $10 a bottle so there’s plenty of room in the budget to get Dad a new grill to accompany it!


Stanley Stainless Steel Growler

If your guy needs to keep his drink cold, consider the Stanley Growler, a 64 ounce stainless-steel container that can be filled on tap and keeps your drink cold for up to 16 hours. If Dad is not into beer, he can also fill it with water and take it to the gym. With a name like Stanley, the quality is there. This is also heavy-duty, easy to carry with a handle, and pours safe. The Growler is BPA-free and one of my favorite parts… it is dishwasher safe!

fathers day gift guide


The Stanley Growler is available at several stores and you can also purchase it from Amazon for $27 with FREE Prime shipping.


Humn Wallet:

Give Dad the gift of RFID security with Humn Wallet. Identity theft is at an all time high and there is technology out there that allows criminals to steal a person’s credit card and personal information without ever touching the card so long as they are within a specific range. Humn Wallets offer smart chip skimmer protection. There are RFID sleeves on that market that work well but only on a single card. Chances are, your husband won’t be able to fit a sleeve on every card he has in his existing wallet. With a Humn Wallet, the RFID protects ALL of his wallet contents, which, in turn, protects your family’s finances giving your husband a peace of mind. These are also quite stylish and made with aircraft grade aluminum plates. If he’s vegan, so is this wallet! Humn Wallets are available in a variety of great colors and prints, and he can also customize them to fit his needs. They are slim, sleek, and lightweight and also offer protection for EMV and smart chip.



How does it work?


You can purchase the HUMN Wallet on Amazon for $50 or get the Humn Mini Wallet on Amazon for only $19.99 and is currently offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Both options offer FREE Prime shipping!


Audio Technica Headphones

As a parent, sometimes you find yourself awake while your kids are sleeping. Headphones are a great idea, especially with babies in the house! He can use them with his laptop, Xbox, iPod at the gym, and everywhere else that fits. Audio Technica headphones frequently win out when compared to Beats headphones with tech guys on YouTube. I could go on and on listing the great features they offer, like the 6 foot, sturdy chord and amazing sound quality, but I’ll leave that to the people who know way more than I do!

Check out this video that explains just why your husband needs a pair!

Audio Technica Review Video:




You can purchase a pair of Audio Technica headphones on Amazon. There are 4 model levels to choose from but I consulted my husband on this one and he says that the ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are the way to go. These are priced at only $123 on Amazon, which is a great deal for this quality compared to competitor brands.


Roku 4

You know every time your husband goes to Target with you, he makes a stop at the electronics sections and makes eyes at the Smart TV on his wish list. If a smart TV is not in your budget, do not worry! You can turn ANY TV into a smart TV with a Roku 4! We’ve been using the Roku 3 for the past four years and it’s AMAZING! The Roku connects to your TV and wifi and acts like a media hub allowing you to download channels for streaming TV and movies, music, shopping, and more! What’s great about the new Roku 4 is that it allows you to stream 4K video (although you will need a 4K compatible TV). They’ve made quite a few other amazing upgrades including a missing remote finder with several sound choices–if you have small children, he will probably use this often! It also includes a voice search, which is great for two reasons: it helps children who may not be able to spell and if he can’t see far away (guilty!) he can still find his shows when he can’t find his glasses. You can search for a movie among your top channels. If it’s available for purchase on multiple channels, you’ll be able to find the best deals! It also has a mobile app to help you keep all your favorite settings in check as well as stream your mobile photos on your TV.

Home Roku 4



How It Works:



The Roku 4 retails for $120 on Amazon with FREE Prime Shipping.


The Micro 3D Printer

The ability to think something up and have it made from the comfort of your own home? Awesome! And 3D Printing technology is becoming more affordable for everyday users. This one is made for easy use, so you don’t have to have a ton of experience to get started. It’s designed for plug and play right out of the box. Your husband can download models and watch them come to life! The Micro 3D printer includes auto-calibration technology and is the only personal use 3D printer with UL safety rating. Because it’s a Micro 3D Printer, it has a print capability of just under 5 inches. It’s a great starting machine for learning how to 3D print! If you can’t think of the perfect gift, go with something he likely has never received before!

fathers day gift guide

Buy It:

The Micro 3D Printer retails for $399 with FREE Shipping with Amazon Prime.

What Items are on Your Husband’s Wish List this Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there! If you are shopping for a Dad this Father’s Day, let me know in the comments below one of the items on his Wish List!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Sign Your Name and I was provided with a complimentary set of coasters. All opinions here are my own honest recommendations about items I really like. Many of the products mentioned here were purchased by me. Some links above may contain affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything but if you make a purchase I may receive a small portion. Thank you for supporting my blog and helping me bring you more great content!



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