Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snuggabunny

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Fisher-Price-My-Little-Snugabunny-BouncerThis is a great bouncer! We own all of the Fischer-Price Snuggabunny items. The quality, style, and comfort is better than any other! Our son has enjoyed this since we was only a week hold. He is now 4 months and still loves it. I still remember the first time he noticed the birds hanging above, so cute!

The bouncer is great because it’s more elevated so you can put the baby in, safely strap him/her in the harness, and be able to interact with your baby while the baby can see you. It’s nice to have another option besides laying down all the time. Our son loves to sit in his bouncer in front of the window (floor level) and watch outside while he waves his hands and kicks his legs. He also really loves the vibration and seems to find it as soothing as a ride in the car. The padding is so soft for baby skin and very comfy. It’s easy to remove and is machine washable.

The safety harness straps fit very well and seem to allow for more room than the Snuggabunny swing does.

This is great to have your baby with you while you clean the kitchen, take a shower, or do other household projects. He has taken a few naps in this comfortably, but usually this is used for awake time.

What we don’t like about this is that the music plays soooo quiet that we can hardly hear it. Now, we have the swing which plays the music pretty loudly, so it’s possible the one we purchased could be defective? I know he can’t hear it at all over the vibration or if anyone is talking. Unlike the swing, this runs on batteries. They last a decent amount of time, but as they slowly die, the vibration gets lower and lower. The other thing is that the padding over the buttons where his feet go is pretty thin. I usually put something under his legs like a small blanket folded, so that he doesn’t hurt his feet while he’s kicking. Also, the power night is very bright if you’re looking right at it.

Overall I would still highly recommend the entire Snuggabunny line. The color/styling is gender neutral so perfect for a boy or girl and especially if you plan to reuse it with other babies.


Some Photos:

Fisher-Price Snuggabunny Bouncer Fisher-Price Snuggabunny Bouncer Fisher-Price Snuggabunny Bouncer Fisher-Price Snuggabunny Bouncer Fisher-Price Snuggabunny BouncerL















Andrew enjoys sitting in his Snuggabunny Bouncer and watching the trees and birds outside.

It’s also a great way to enjoy story time!



Andrew’s Birth Announcements arrived! So exciting!

Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing