Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing

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Fisher-Price-My-Little-Snugabunny-Cradle-n-SwingWe fell in love with this swing before our son was even born. We first saw it in the store at Buy Buy Baby and thought it was just adorable! But what stood out to us most was that it was one of the only swings that was soooo comfortable and cozy! The material is super super soft–perfect for new baby skin! The soft, plush pillow is not only adorable, but thick enough to provide the perfect support for a little one. This swing is definitely made with baby’s comfort in mind! We were surprised at how cheaply-designed and rough-feeling many of the competitor swings were. We took pictures of it in the store and came home to do some research on Amazon. We compared a few of the top swings and were pleased at the reviews of this one. We were sold. My parents-in-law ordered it for our shower gift. (It’s their gift to all of their grandchildren).

We started putting our son in the swing ever since his first week. He really enjoyed it. We work from home, so we’d set up his swing by our desks and he would just hang out and swing while we worked. He seemed to really like looking around and just being in the swing. It also really helped him to fall asleep for naps. As he got older, we did limit his time in the swing for sleeping because we also want him to be able to sleep when he’s not constantly swinging or rocking. But overall, our experience has been wonderful!

This swing plugs into the wall, which is awesome! This swing goes side to side and back and forth. The 3 easily adjustable settings allow you to turn the swing facing left, facing front, or facing right. There are 5 levels of swinging (slight swinging to full swinging). There are 4 sound options, 2 are a collection of about 15 minutes of music. The other 2 are sound effects (water and birds). We really only use the music settings. Our son likes to have sound. If he’s in his swing and the music goes off, he’ll wake up and want us to turn it back on. This swing is very easy to assemble. We often pack it up in the car and take it to family/friends’ houses if we’re going to be there for awhile. It helps our little guy feel the comforts of home even while we’re away. The swing padding is easily removable to wash as needed. Above the swing is a round mirror ball with birds that can rotate like a mobile. I remember the first time he noticed his birds. It was so adorable! Now that he’s older, he enjoys watching the birds and looking at his reflection in the mirror. He always seems comfortable in the swing. He is now 4 months old and weighs almost 16 pounds. Overall, I really believe that this swing has helped him to fall asleep when he went through periods of being fussy and having a hard time falling asleep in his cradle.

I think this is definitely the best baby swing, even compared to higher priced swings like the MamaRoo. They just can’t compare to the style, comfort, and overall functionality of this swing. Fisher-Price has a few different designs of this swing. What’s great about the Snuggabunny version is that it’s pretty gender neutral. We plan to use it again with our next baby whether we have another boy or a girl!

Our only complaint about this swing is the safety harness that goes across the laps and in between his legs should be a bit more adjustable. The straps are getting very tight and our son is not a big baby. We’d like them to expand just a bit more as he grows or he won’t be able to use it as long as he should. (The box said it goes up to 25 pounds… but there’s no way his legs will fit in the straps if he weighs that much!). We’re looking into finding some strap extenders from JoAnn Fabrics or contacting Fisher-Price directly to see what we can do.

Also, I noticed that he gets cold while swinging. (This is not a complaint- just a tip: Be sure your little one has socks and a blankey over them or the wind created by the motion of the swing could make him/her cold.)

Our Photos:

Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle 'N Swing






   1 week old here

  (We didn’t have the harness on him because the swing was turned off.)





He loved watching the mirror up top and the birds go around as soon as he was old enough to notice them.

  It was adorable to see him looking at the birds! (pictured below)














  The last picture here is Andrew at 4 months, still loving his Snuggabunny swing!



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