Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Rock-N-Play Sleeper

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Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Rock-N-Play SleeperWe have all of the Fisher-Price Snuggabunny products. How can you resist them?! While we fell in love with the style and comfort, we also read a lot of reviews on Amazon and BabyCenter about how this Sleeper helps babies sleep very well. We purchased all of the items prior to him being born, so ever since he came home from the hospital, he’s been sleeping in this.

The positioning is great because they sleep elevated, which helps with reflux and as the babies get older and start spitting up, you have the peace of mind in knowing they won’t lay on their back and choke. It also positions his legs out perfectly so that he’s very comfortable. He’s always slept great in his Snuggabunny RNP Sleeper. The design is easily washable. Be sure to wash all of the padding often and not just the extra cushion as the material is breathable and you don’t want mold to grow in between (from the baby sweating during the night).

We removed the bunny from the safety harness and, as he learned to use his hands, the first thing he ever held was the bunny’s ears. It helped him sleep better being able to hold the bunny ears in his bands. And it was absolutely adorable! This sleeper easily folds in half for storing. We have only folded it up once though. We enjoyed being able to move it from room to room so he can always be near us (at least while he was a tiny little guy).

We have hardwood floor, so rocking isn’t always the smoothest. It is, however, very light weight. Even with a 4 month old who is almost 16 pounds, I can rock it with my pinky with hardly any effort at all!

The best thing about this sleeper was having him right next to me during the night. This is my first baby, so I wake up throughout the night and look over at him sleeping and know that he’s okay. It really helps with peace of mind and makes middle-of-the-night feedings much easier.

The material is super soft and comfy, perfect for new baby skin! We did read about the flat head problem. We simply placed folded receiving blankets behind the pillow for a little extra support and haven’t noticed any issues.

He sleeps wonderfully in his sleeper and we’re sad that he’ll be growing out of it very soon.

Because we have this, the Cradle-and-Swing, and the Snuggabunny bouncer, we’re able to transition him to different positions so he’s not always laying the same way. Since the design and material are the same throughout, he just almost expects the same comfort and is able to enjoy all varieties. I also have an infant snuggle nest that I put next to me on the bed. Sometimes we’ll take naps together that way so that he can also learn to sleep lying flat. I’ve found that being able to introduce him to a variety of options from the beginning has made it all easier. We’ll be putting him in his crib soon. But for the last few weeks, we’ve been having him sleep in his RNP sleeper in his room for naps and night time sleep if we are awake to check in on him. This way he will gradually be introduced to everything instead of have to undergo a drastic change.

Overall, I highly recommend this sleeper! Because of the gender-neutral color styling, we plan to use it again with the next baby if we have another boy or a girl!

The only thing about this that we wish was different was the ability to play music like all of the other Snuggabunny items.

Here’s what it looks like folded up (super easy!):

Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Rock-N-Play Sleeper

[Note, not my photo.]








Here are some of our photos:

Andrew First Night at Home Snuggabunny Sleeper


First night at home- He looks SO TINY here!

We had to pin him in with receiving blankets on the sides since he was so little!

He’s definitely grown into his Sleeper now that he is 4 months old!

(He still loves it!)









Snuggabunny Sleeper


Andrew is a few weeks old here. Still tiny and pinned in with blankets…. but sleeping like an angel!











Snuggabunny Sleeper


1 month old, finally big enough to not need pinning in.

So comfy in his Snuggabunny sleeper!











Snuggabunny Sleeper Andrew Snuggabunny Sleeper 2 months old Fisher-Price-My-Little-Snugabunny-Sleeper Andrew Satmary



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