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Glazer Children’s Museum’s 3rd Annual Birthday Bash

posted by LindsaySatmary September 22, 2013 0 comments
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LindsayTampaBay Lindsay Satmary Paperclips and PacisToday Drew, Andrew, and I attended the Glazer Children’s Museum‘s 3rd Annual Birthday Bash. We have never been here yet and thought it would be fun to check it out to see if maybe Andrew is big enough to enjoy it when it’s not so crowded and crazy. (It was a free day, so you can imagine the crowd!)

We arrived just in time to catch the pouring rain while we walked from the parking garage to the museum entrance. Everyone who was gathered in the park area quickly ran for cover under the building. Andrew was so excited! He loved touching the rain while we walked to the entrance. We got completely drenched and as soon as we walked inside, the rain stopped. Typical Florida weather. As we braved our way through the mob of parents and kids, we rode the elevator up to the third floor. It was a party room and we got there just in time for them to serve everyone some cake. Of course, Andrew was beyond excited. We let him have a piece of cake for himself. The rain and cake made for a winning combination. He was full of smiles!

We took a little break and then explored the museum as much as we could while trying to keep our little guy from getting bumped and bonked by the older kids running around like crazy. The museum was a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be making a trip back sometime. We thought they had enough to offer a toddler to make it worthwhile.

We ended going back to the park outside and walking around a bit in the beautiful weather. Andrew loved the balloons and couldn’t wait to get his hands on one of the promotional Frisbee that Humana was handing out. We ran into our friends Bryan and Sofia from Wicked ‘Wiches and the Flattery food trucks and got to see their little ones. It’s crazy when you become parents how quickly time passes! They had another little one since we last saw them, and we not only had Andrew, but are now expecting his little brother in February!

It got unbelievably hot and humid from all the rain, so we decided to head back home. Our little guy was getting a bit impatient and we were tired as well. All in all it was a great day and we had a fun time as a family. I love days where we can just go out and explore with Andrew. He adapts pretty well and really enjoys seeing and trying new things.

Thanks, Glazer Children’s Museum for giving us an excuse to spend a great afternoon at Curtis Hixon Park, one of my favorite places!



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