Creating a Personalized Baby Registry with Gugu Guru

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Creating a baby registry is no small task, especially for first time parents. There are hundreds of thousands of baby products on the market and new ones are coming out every day. How do you know which ones to choose? How do you know which ones will work best for you and your baby? Where do you even begin? When my husband and I were expecting our first baby, we decided to create our baby registry when I was 5 months pregnant. We walked into the baby store, got our scanning gun, and planned to start from one side of the store and work our way up and down every aisle. But as first time parents, we quickly realized we were in over our heads. We made it about half way through the store and decided we needed to take a break and come back to finish another day. We put in about 2 hours of scanning items that we thought looked fun, useful, and cute. But we didn’t know if we covered all the necessities or if we were forgetting something important. And even if a product looked cool, what did other moms and dads think of them? I am a big fan of product reviews, so as we made our way through the store, I was trying to pull the items up online on my phone to see what I could find. We removed a couple items from our list and replaced them with others, but the process seemed to take forever. At this point, we had no idea if we would complete the registry before our sweet baby boy arrived.

With the second baby, we were expecting another boy. We did not plan on having a second baby shower so our registry was more of a “To Buy” list for us. We didn’t need as much as we did the first time because were already had most of the necessities not to mention having another boy only 19 months later meant we pretty much had everything we needed.

We waited three years for our baby girl to come into our family. Three years is a lot in baby time. So many new and improved baby products exist now that were not around when we had our boys. Our lives have also drastically changed. We moved across the country and away from all family, we now have a three and four year old at home, both of us have shifted our careers a bit from operating a marketing company together. And, the biggest change of all, we were expecting our very first GIRL! While we held onto some of our baby items from the boys, we gave others away. Some held up well for two babies but may not last for a third, and that’s okay. So the need for a registry just to figure out what we needed was important. But with two small children in tow, going up and down the aisles of the store just doesn’t sound very fun. I knew I wanted to make an online registry. Then, you have some things available from one retailer and others from a different retailer. I wanted to be able to create one registry that I could link to everything else so it was simple and organized. That’s when I discovered Gugu Guru! I’ve partnered with Gugu Guru to walk you through a personalized registry setup so you can learn how to simplify the process and get personalized recommendations for your own baby registry–from ANY store or online retailer, all in one place!

Gugu Guru is unlike the in-store or online retailer registries in that it does exactly what you need personally: It takes the guesswork out of everything by curating a list of baby items that are centered entirely around you and personalized to your lifestyle, budget, needs, style preferences, and more! You begin by registering for free on their website and answering a few personal questions about yourself (age, location, etc.). You choose from a small variety of items on which ones you prefer and which ones don’t suit you as well. Then you answer a few more questions about your lifestyle and baby. At the end, Gugu Guru will curate all of your registry items for you pulling from several places and retailers including small business boutique shops found on Etsy, which is really neat for those one-of-a-kind items that you often see in cute Instagram feeds. The process was completely easy and relaxing. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I felt like I had someone helping me organize it all in a way that was easy for me along with anyone who I choose to share my registry with. I loved that they were able to narrow down thousands of items into a manageable list of 10-20 in each category that were based on my personal preferences. It was really easy to select what I wanted to add to the registry. I could also mark items as “Must Have” or “Nice to Have” which is helpful for deciding what to purchase and in which order. As you go through making selections, Gugu Guru will show you similar or complimentary items and suggest what goes best with what you already have, which is a great way to make sure you have all that you need or want.

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What I love about Gugu Guru? I can sit in my comfy bed, wearing my pajamas, and browse through all my favorite online baby stores, look up product reviews, and add items to my registry without feeling overwhelmed. I love the personalized recommendations and was able to discover things I hadn’t seen yet, even with my third baby! Finally, I can combine the best of everything all in one convenient location so whether we use this list for personal use or send it out to family and friends, we don’t have to worry about having multiple lists on several sites!

How does Gugu Guru Work?

Below are a few steps of the process so you can see how it works. Whether you’re expecting your very first baby or you’re an experienced parent, I definitely recommend Gugu Guru’s smart baby registry for all your registry needs! Take the stress out of a very important and special time in your life and find really cool items that are perfect for your family in the process!



1.Create your FREE account at

Then, answer a series of questions about your lifestyle that will help Gugu Guru choose baby products that are a PERFECT FIT for your family! (You can go back at anytime and change your answers if you need to!)

2.Answer questions about your baby and parenting style based on how you and your partner want to raise your child.

(If you aren’t sure, you can also ask Gugu Guru to show you ALL options in each section rather than narrowing the search.)

3.Next, You get to view all the items recommended for you and choose which products to add to your registry!

You will see your best matched item from each category. Then, below are four complimentary items. Finally, under that they will pull all of the alternate items. (You can click “Show All” to expand each section and view more results!)

5. Review Your Registry:

Once you’ve added items from each category, you can preview your registry and mark items as “Must Have” or “Nice to Have.” You can also adjust the quantity of how many you want and how many items have already been purchased.

6. Add Specific Items to Your Registry-from anywhere!

If you are looking for specific items that didn’t show up in your recommendations, no worries! You can add in ANY item from ANY site as needed! This is an amazing feature, especially if you’ve already created multiple registries from several sites!

7. Publish Your Registry!

Once you have all the items added, you are ready to publish your registry! The items will display all together for everyone to view at once. It will show photos, prices, and brief descriptions of each item along with the desired quantity and if the item has already been purchased. (Once your registry is Live, you can mark items as purchased by clicking on them from your registry and entering in where they were purchased from. If you don’t have the order number, you can just enter 000.)

More Questions About How Gugu Guru Works:

Do companies pay to get featured on Gugu Guru? No! All recommendations are completely unbiased and entered by different baby stores and moms just like you!

Can I enter a product from Etsy, Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, or a local company? Yes! All you need is a URL of the product and you can enter in the info, price, etc.

Who can see my Gugu Guru Registry? Unlike other sites that are searchable by name, your registry here is private. The only people who will see it are the ones who you send the link to. You can use your home address or select another address where you’d like the gifts to be sent. Your registry will show the address of your choice along with your name, baby’s due date, and if you know if baby is a boy or girl.

How much does Gugu Guru cost? Gugu Guru is a totally FREE service provided to registrants and their gift givers. Product prices reflected are the retail price and not marked up in any way. Gift givers purchasing any product are responsible for the payment of the product and any shipping and handling costs.

What is Gugu Guru Concierge? Gugu Concierge is a new premium (i.e., paid) service where they create highly personalized, custom registries for families. Select one of three affordable packages and trained experts will curate a highly personalized, custom registry just for you. Gugu Concierge also makes a great gift!

What’s the difference between FREE Gugu Guru and Gugu Guru Concierge? Gugu Guru is a free self-service website for parents to pare down the vast selection of products for their registries, as well as discover new products they may not find in big box retailers. The self-service website offers limited user support and its universal registry has limited features. For example, Gugu Guru allows you to add a product from any website to your registry but Gugu Guru does not manage shipping/ exchanges/refunds, track inventory, nor does it track name or contact information of gift buyers. Gugu Concierge is the premium service of Gugu Guru and offers new and expecting parents the convenience of personalized, expertly curated registries from professional baby planners and industry experts combined with highest level of customer service from a designated retailer.

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What are YOUR Must-Have Baby Registry Items?

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FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Gugu Guru. All thoughts presented here are my own.



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