Happy Mother’s Day!

Lindsay Satmary
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Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the miracle of new life, love, laughter, and lots of memories between children and their mothers. This year is my second year celebrating this holiday as a mother. It’s hard to believe that I now have two amazing little miracle boys. I always knew I wanted children of my own, and am incredibly thankful that God had a plan for my life–even after doctors told me that I would never have children due to some health issues. I always trusted God would allow me to live my dream of being a mom. Having two little ones in two years is an incredible gift! Going through two pregnancies has given me an even greater appreciation for my babies. The ability to create a tiny little person is amazing beyond words. From the first ultrasound, to finding out if it’s a boy or girl, hearing the first heartbeat, and feeling the first kicks, long nights unable to sleep, and finally holding your sweet baby in your arms for the first time when he looks up at you…. it’s all a big miracle to me. The moment a child is born, so is a mother.

I’ve learned quite a bit about parenting these past couple of years. Having NO experience with babies at all to having two of my own has been a huge change, but a very welcome one. I am not a perfect mother and there are probably more crafts on Pinterest that I could fail at than those I could pull off. But I think I’m a pretty good mom, and that makes me happy. I love my two amazing little boys more than anything in this world. I feel so lucky that God chose me to be their mom. I continue to learn as I go, but my children are my priority. I am really enjoying getting to live life again through the eyes of a child and I’m determined to do everything I can to make sure my little ones know how incredibly special they are every day. My husband and I try to do as much as we can with them, even though they are little. They may not remember, but we’ve got so many pictures to show them someday and plenty of stories to tell. That’s what life’s ultimately about: making precious memories that will last a lifetime. We have some special memories before we had children, but the ones that we’ve made together as a family are forever treasured in my heart.

The Joys of Being a Mom:

The feeling of being so proud that you almost tear up is something I experience on a regular basis. From the moment we brought little Aidan home from the hospital and Andrew stood in front of his car seat looking at him, signing “more” with a big smile, I knew these little boys will grow up to be the best of friends. We’re really thankful for them both and although sleep is a very distant memory, we love that they are only nineteen months apart. As they grow, they’ll be able to go through life in similar stages, share similar interests, and always have each other. It amazes me how sweet Andrew is to Aidan. He’s already looking out for him on a daily basis. It’s beyond adorable. Andrew is such a sweet, smart, funny, and entertaining little boy. He hasn’t even turned two yet and he can already spell his name all by himself, count to 9, name all of the colors, and he recently started putting 3-word phrases and sentences together. I love watching him play pretend with his stuffed animals and try to emulate his Daddy by “working” on things around the house with his little tools. He keeps us on our toes for sure, and at the end of the day, there’s no place I’d rather be than sitting next to my little Panda reading a bedtime story together.  Aidan is his own little person. He is starting to show his unique personality and I know we have plenty of fun firsts to look forward to. He has the absolute biggest smile and he could definitely light up a room. He recently started laughing and he has the cutest laugh! Even though he’s been more of a fussy baby than Andrew was, I am so glad he’s part of our amazing little family!

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom:

Recently, my mom came to visit us in Florida from California for the second time. Although we weren’t close during my childhood, these past two years have been really good! We’re now closer than we’ve ever been and I’m incredibly proud of everything she has done to be a part of our lives, especially for my little ones–her first grandchildren. I am thankful for how thoughtful she is, always finding the cutest little things for Andrew and Aidan that showcase their little personalities and interests perfectly. It means so much that she’s been working so hard in order to visit us more and be able to create fun memories with our boys.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother-In-Law:

I am also so thankful for my mother-in-law. I feel so blessed to have married into such a wonderful, loving family. She is a mother of eight children and grandmother to eight grandchildren. She works hard, and is always there when you need her without ever having to ask. The relationship between her and Andrew is so precious! They definitely have a very special bond and it makes me so happy to see them grow up with her. It reminds me of my grandmas and how close I have always been to them.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Nana:

My Nana turned 87 years old in March and although she’s on the opposite side of the country, I think of her all the time. She made beautiful blankets for Andrew and Aidan and always has a funny story to tell me when I call her. I wish that she lived closer to me so we could visit with her more often. I know how much she loves her great-grandchildren! She is very special to me, too!

Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven to My Other Nana:

My other Nana is in Heaven, and last week was the twelve year anniversary of her meeting Jesus. I miss her so much and wish that she could have met Drew and held my little boys. I know she would have had a wallet full of pictures of them to show all her friends! I take great comfort in knowing that her name, Mary, is a part of my entire family now (part of our last name). She must have put in a good word for me before I met my husband because he is definitely the person God has picked out for me. Speaking of which, I’m thankful for him on Mother’s Day. Because he is such a great father to our boys, he allows me to be a better mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Today what I wanted to take some pictures of with my boys. Life passes by so quickly, and I try to take every opportunity I can to just live in the moment and enjoy the little things. They matter most. We lead busy lives with work and home projects and crazy sleeping schedules with a new baby, but it was really nice to just enjoy each other’s company and capture the moment. That being said, Andrew was too busy playing in the grass with tree moss and sticks, so he’s only in a couple. We’ll try him again another day…typical toddler. 🙂 Hopefully next year I will have mastered the art of getting both of them to pose in the same photo together!

Here are the photos from my second Mother’s Day (Andrew-22 moths and Aidan 3 months):

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