Health Kwest 2013: Day 60- My 60 Day Journey Recap

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April 11, 2013: Day 60

Wow! Is it really over?! For the past 60 days, a big portion of my life has revolved around something that I’ve been a part of. I’m completely positive that by now, all of you have heard me mention this at least several times, but the Genghis Grill 3rd Annual Health Kwest competition. I was selected to represent the Brandon as one of 100 contestants around the country, each representing a different location, all making changes in their diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, completing daily social media tasks, and–of course–eating at Genghis Grill EVERY DAY for the past 60 days!

Today my task is to recap my entire contest experience in a blog.

Well, here’s how it all happened: I applied for Health Kwest on January 23rd after seeing it posted in my Facebook news feed. When I received the initial phone call on February 5th that I had been selected, I was honestly completely surprised that they had chosen me for this. I spent the weekend before the competition started waiting for my phone to ring again with news that they had accidentally called me by mistake and it would actually be someone else.

The contest was fast approaching and then, much to my surprise, our UPS guy delivered a welcome package to me from Genghis Grill’s corporate office with some gifts from GG and other Health Kwest sponsors, important forms and contest info, and the social media task calendar!

I finally realized that I was actually the person that they chose and I was extremely excited for a really fun and unique opportunity.

The competition seemed to go by somewhat slowly for the first half. As soon as it was time for the second weigh-in, things really got serious. After seeing the official results posted on the leaderboard, many people became discouraged that they wouldn’t win and dropped out, or stopped trying as hard. But for me, it wasn’t entirely about winning. I mean, I am one of the most competitive people I know. I enjoy winning very much. But this was an opportunity for me to really focus on getting myself back in shape and doing things that I needed to do anyways. So I didn’t quit. And I didn’t stop trying. Throughout the contest, I remained very focused and worked hard toward my goals. Believe me, reversing bad eating habits is not easy for anyone. It was definitely a challenge. In fact, I was so serious that I cut out carbs for the first month and a half almost completely. Because I was able to have great self-control and focus on the end goal 60 days later, rather than my immediate wants, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.

The second half of the competition flew by. Like so fast. Just when I was starting to think I might need to eat something different, I found myself wishing there was an extra week or two just to accomplish everything I set out to do. I’m so close to my end goal, it’s crazy!

I learned a lot throughout the competition. I learned that there is a big difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. I learned that there is a big difference between wanting something to happen and making it happen. I learned that as busy as I was, I could still make time to exercise. And that when I did make time for exercise, I felt better, had more energy, and got better sleep. I learned that setting goals for myself is just as important as setting goals for my business. I learned that there are plenty of amazing people in my life who I could count on for support, whether it was words of encouragement from far away, or quality time accompanying me on one or a few of my many trips to Genghis Grill. I learned that sometimes stepping outside of my comfort zone isn’t all that scary after all. Sometimes it’s kind of fun (like trying a Zumba class).  I learned that my hard work was actually paying off because it wasn’t just the number on the scale that was changing, other people were noticing a change as well. I learned that making excuses for being out of shape is easy. I had a baby. I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. I was busy with two businesses and family. It was hard work. I was too tired and had very little energy. There are always reasons, but I learned that finding one reason to do it anyways was all that held me back from where I was and where I wanted to be. I learned that taking care of myself is the best way for me to also take care of my family. By bettering myself, I’m only setting a good example for my son. I’m giving myself better health so that I can enjoy a better quality of life with those I love. I’m doing it now, so that down the road, they don’t have to worry later. I learned that you can make all kinds of drastic changes in your life, but in order to really make an impact, it has to be all of the little things that you do every day. Every day, even when you’re busy/tired/sick. You make the choice to make those changes no matter what, and you’ll see your entire life transform! That’s why it’s a lifestyle change. It makes me want to set all kinds of 60 day challenges for other areas of my life! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do when this is over!

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Of course, nothing like falling in love, having my first baby, or any of those things. But this was one of those, let-me-step-outside-of-my-comfort-zone-and-take-a-risk-to-see-what-happens kind of amazing experiences.  I’ve told a lot of people about this experience. People I know, people I’ve never met before in my life. They all wondered how it worked. Well, you can find out in my video here:

But really, this has definitely worked. It’s definitely made a difference. I’ve lost almost all of the weight I needed to lose. My goal (realistically and lazily) was to be back in pre-baby shape at Andrew’s first birthday. And as of now, he’s 9.5 months old and I am literally 5 pounds away from that weight. It feels amazing to actually accomplish something. So many New Year’s are spent making resolutions that I’ve likely forgotten about or given up on my April. Not this time. This time I’m proud to say that I set out to do something and I’ve done it! It’s a great feeling to accomplish something that you feel is a challenge. It’s amazing to know that I can do it if I try.

Now I’m not completely finished. I have some work to do. While the scale and I are pretty much friends again, I still need to do some sit-ups and get more toned. But, who’s to say that can’t happen over the next 60 days?

Aside from the obvious (getting back in shape and having fun while doing it), the biggest thing I can walk away with once this is over is the fact that I feel empowered to change my entire life in as little as 60 days. That means that by 2014, I will have complete transformations in 5-6 areas of my life. That’s amazing! Life goes by way too fast to not take charge of it now. It’s far too easy to do it all tomorrow. I’m the queen of procrastination. But this has made me feel that maybe I don’t have to be. Maybe if I do it now instead of later, I’ll be able to enjoy myself later instead of worrying about the same things.

I’m very pleased with my experience. It’s not likely that I won because some people have done remarkably more than I really could have. But I’m happy for them. I’m happy for myself. I’m happy for all of us who set out to do something that wasn’t easy and did it. We’ll find out the winner of the $10,000 early next week. Tomorrow is my final weigh-in. I’m proud of myself for completing this competition and the progress that I made along the way. For me, it was more than having to eat stir fry at Genghis Grill every day for 60 days. It was much more.

Thank you to Genghis Grill for this great opportunity. I hope you’ve enjoyed my updates along the way! Thank you to LA Fitness for sponsoring my journey. Thanks to all my family and friends who’ve put up with me and my strict diet, daily tasks, and especially to those who’ve trekked out to Genghis with me!

I met some very awesome people during this competition and this definitely won’t be the last you guys see of me 🙂

Here are a few of my highlights from my Health Kwest experience:  My Genghis Grill Photos (Facebook Album)





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