[Feature] Hide-a-boo: A New Way for Kids to Play

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As a mom, I’m always looking for the new hot thing for kids that my boys will love. As they grow and their interests grow and change with them, I find it important to seek out things that will also grow with them. Recently, I discovered Hide-a-boo, a new startup with a fantastic line of Hideouts that promote imaginative play for kids. The product is so new that I haven’t yet gotten my hands on one yet, but my husband and our two boys recently attended the Hide-a-boo Kickstarter Launch Party in Provo, Utah (I have been out of town for a family emergency) and had a great time playing with the various Hide-a-boo Hideout prototypes available at the launch party on display! I can’t wait to own all of the Hide-a-boo Hideouts for my boys and I wanted to share this new and exciting product with all the mommies I know because you will LOVE them!

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What is a Hide-a-boo Hideout?

Hide-a-boo Hideouts are here to encourage play for all kids. Hideouts are forts that slip over a card table for easy set-up and are a home base for adventure. Created with a puppet backdrop on one side and on top, an aerial view map that’s also a play mat. Hideouts are incredibly versatile, giving kids endless opportunities for creative and imagination inspired play.

Included with the Hideouts are printables we call Teachables. They give busy parents on the go (like us) a built in and pre-planned way to encourage play and learning. I know, sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it? It really is. Simply print out the Teachables from our website and we provide a plethora of fun activities to keep kids imagining.

hideaboohideout-camperhideaboohideout-castlehideaboohideout-spacehideaboohideout-submarineHow Did Hide-a-boo Begin?

“Our story is simple. Miss AshLee, a gifted educator and mom of two spitfire little girls had an idea rolling around in that creative brain of hers. She imagined a play center that kids would fall in love with and parents could easily use to encourage play. That idea sprouted and evolved into Hide-a-boo Hideouts. Colorful, fun and outright glee-inducing card table forts that are a home base for adventure and creative play,” Hide-a-boo.

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Get Excited about Hide-A-Boo Hideouts & Teachables!

Miss AshLee and her creative team have thoughtfully and painstakingly developed each Hideout to grab kids attention and steer them towards play and imagination. To go along with the Hideouts, Teachables keeps kids interested—finding new and fun ways to play with their Hideouts and the BONUS of bringing back to life the toys they already have! So join us, hop on this ship (or sub, as it were) and follow us on this adventure—it’s a fun place to be!

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Watch & Learn More About Hide-a-Boo Hideouts:

How to Get a Hide-A-Boo Hideout:

Hide-A-Boo Just launched their Kickstarter campaign and you can now buy your Hide-a-boo Hideout via Kickstarter here! Choose from a variety of fun Hideouts including Outer Space, Enchanted Castle, Underwater Submarine, and Happy Camper! For a limited time and only on Kickstarter, you can even get a Hideout that is big enough for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

iPad-Pro-Portrait-Copy-38Head Over to Kickstarter to Learn More





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