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PURACY the motherhood collection spongelle giveaway
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Hey Mamas! If you’re like me, bath time is an important and special part of your baby’s nightly routine. Finding great bath products is something every mom can relate to. Although there are many options on the market, finding a product line that is made from safe ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals for your precious little one can be challenging.

While I’ll admit that I don’t only use organic product, I can honestly say that after I became a mom I definitely started to make a more conscious effort to find healthier products, especially for our boys. I feel like the appeal of the “other” products is the variety of fragrance options that seem more exciting than the unscented options. However, if you look closely enough, there are some fantastic products that smell amazing and are safe for your baby!

Today, I’d like to share three awesome, natural bath time products that I really like:


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Sponge Animals by Spongellé

First, I’d like to share this ADORABLE body wash infused Sponge Animal by Spongelle. Mine is a yellow ducky. They are also available in a other colors and shapes: a green dog, an orange butterfly, or a blue fish. Sponge animals are sulfate free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, cruelty free, and patent pending. All products are made in the USA. The scent for Sponge Animals is “fruitilicious” and they smell amazing! What’s different about this sponge from other bath sponges is that they are infused with body wash.

The sponges come individually wrapped inside a cute box with animals all over it. (It would make a cute gift!). Once you unwrap the sponge, it feels very soft and gel-like from the body wash. It’s not soaking wet, but definitely filled with something. These sponges are intended for use with warm water and parental supervision for kids 3 and older. My son loves his Sponge Animal and I love it too! It makes bath time so much fun! Luckily, they’re made for multiple uses so we get to enjoy them a few times!

Sponge Animals are sold for $12.00. Spongelle also has several products for adults!

For more information about Sponge Animals by Spongelle, please visit their Facebook page or website.

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100% Natural Bamboo Washcloths by The Motherhood Collection

For newborns and smaller babies, these washcloths are amazing! They are incredibly soft and perfect for brand new, sensitive skin! Each box set includes 6 washcloths that are free from chemicals, toxins and dyes.

Compared to most newborn washcloths, the Motherhood Collection’s premium bamboo washcloths are much larger (10″x10″) for easy cleaning. They absorb water well and hold up very well in the wash as well.

Because these washcloths are made with high quality, eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials, they are not only ideal for newborn skin but also for any little ones with sensitive skin as well.

A safe and comfy option for baby skin is always a good idea!

For more information about The Motherhood Collection, Like them on Facebook or visit their website.

The Motherhood Collection natural bamboo washcloths

Puracy Natural Body Wash and Organic Baby Lotion

I don’t know about you but for our family, bath time has been an important part of our babies’ bedtime routines since they were very little. It’s a time for us to unwind after a long day and a time to bond with our little guys before they head off to dreamland. As they get older, we get to enjoy playing with them and watching them play with their bath toys. Our oldest is now 3 and our youngest will be two in just a few months, so at this point we have lots of bathtime experiences under our belt. While no two bath times are ever alike with little ones, the one thing that is true is we always use soap and bubble bath.

Everyone talks about diapers but you rarely hear much about how much bubble bath you go through. We have gone through a LOT and have tried many different brands. While there are a few that we like, one of my favorites is from a company called Puracy who has developed a fantastic line of all natural products for baby and the home. Their products are ideal for use with babies, kids, and adults.

The Puracy Natural Body Wash that we’ve been using is the Citrus & Sea Salt scent and it smells very nice and relaxing. I ordered mine from Amazon and received two large 16 oz bottles complete with a pump topper which makes shower time very easy, especially when you’re trying to also take care of little ones at the same time! We love using Puracy’s Natural Body Wash because it’s great for skin and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, dyes, or animal by-products. Puracy’s Natural Body Wash is non-toxic, vegan, and biodegradable. It’s also hypoallergenic and pH balanced. The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in this product helps restore balance and purity to your skin.

The Puracy product line was designed by their own staff of eco-friendly PhD chemists and they support local artists with hand-drawn artwork displayed on their product packaging. This product is also made in the USA and has not been tested on animals.

This company has excellent customer service. They really listen to feedback and suggestions from their customers. When I made a few scent suggestions awhile back, I was really excited to see that they did listen and have recently created a new scent for their Organic Baby Lotion: Lavender and Grapefruit, a very soothing blend that smells amazing after the boys’ bath and helps relax them for bedtime.

The Puracy company also gives back to local families and children in their community from each new purchase.

For more information about this product, please Like their Facebook page or visit their website.


Puracy all natural bath and home products

Lindsay Satmary mommy blogger reviewer

Giveaway Time!!!

Guess what mamas? It’s your lucky day! I’d love for more mamas to discover how amazing the Puracy products are so I’m giving YOU a chance to WIN TWO full-size Puracy products!

How: There are several ways to enter below.

When: The contest will run from now until November 2nd when I will announce a winner on my Facebook page. (Be sure to like it in case you win! You will have 24 hours to claim your prize!)

Prize: One lucky winner will receive one 12 oz bottle of Organic Hand & Body Lotion AND one 12oz bottle of Natural Hand Soap (lavender and vanilla scent). Prizes will be shipped November 3rd.

Who may enter: Anyone can enter, but prizes will be shipped to US addresses only.


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Good luck! Be sure to check my Facebook Page to see if you won! Winner will be announced at 1:30PM MST on November 2nd!

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FTC Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this blog have been sent to me free of charge or at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.



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