Introducing KiddoTV: Fun Videos for Kids!

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We love technology in our home and allow the boys screen time in moderation. We limit the time they have their tablets and we also make sure they watch things we approve of. We love a mix of entertainment and educational video content. My favorite is when the videos are interactive and get the boys answering questions and doing things.

KiddoTV recently reached out to us to check out their cool YouTube channel and share our honest opinions with other moms and dads. This post is sponsored by KiddoTv but all thoughts presented are our own.

Introducing KiddoTV:

KiddoTV is a fun YouTube channel that produces a variety of fun videos for kids. They have several playlists with different types of videos and create a mix of cartoons and real-life videos. They also have their own puppets and a fun, furry character named Stroosh. They post videos about magic, art lessons, nursery rhymes and songs, and other learning activities.

Exercising with FiTZy the MOnStER:

Aidan’s favorite is FiTZy the MOnStER. This series teaches little ones a variety of activities: picking up toys, brushing teeth, manners, making the bed, and more! The boys love to do the Daily Exercises along with that video and it’s super cute and fun! We try to do it every morning or evening around dinner time to get some of their energy out. It’s a quick video, so we’ll usually do it 2-3 times. Your little ones will LOVE doing the fun exercises along with the video. I’ll go ahead and link it here:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Get Your Little Ones to EXERCISE with this fun FiTZy the MOnSter video! @kiddotvglobal AD #momlife” quote=”Get Your Little Ones to EXERCISE with this fun FiTZy the MOnSter video! @kiddotvglobal AD #momlife”]

Meet Stroosh: A Fun, Furry Character:

Stroosh lives on Earth but wakes up with no memory of who or where he is. Thankfully he found a friend named Luca. He discovers new and fun things while living with his new friend. This miniseries is made with puppets and the videos are about 5-6 minutes each, great for a short attention span. There are 23 video episodes as of today in the Stroosh Playlist.  Topics in this series include: Mastering Time, Inspiration, Copycat, Self Improvement and more! As Stroosh learns about new concepts, his friend uses his Lucapedia to teach lessons. Aidan really likes this miniseries as well! Here’s a video from the Stroosh mini series:

Nursery Rhyme Series:

The Nursery Rhyme series contains 14 fun videos with great graphics featuring many songs your kids are likely already familiar with and a couple new ones too! Andrew has been helping Aidan learn to count so the Number Train video is one of their favorites. As the songs count numbers, the boys will count along with the video! Andrew does a great job helping Aidan learn. Most of the time, Aidan will count without any problems. I love videos like this that help kids learn new things and practice what they know!

Check out the Easy Magic Series for Older Kids (7+):

Max the magician entertains a group of real kids with three fun magic tricks in this video series. This series is set in an old shop with fun costumes and great atmosphere. The kids get to interact with the magician as he teaches us how to do some of his tricks. Andrew loves this series! It’s very fast-paced and entertaining!

Our Review:

The KiddoTv channel is a great source of both entertainment and learning for younger kids and older kids, too. All of the content is safe and family friendly. There is a big variety of content including: cartoons, graphics, illustrations, puppets, real people, and more! We love that the programs are available on YouTube so that we can access them anywhere. The boys can watch at home on Apple TV or their iPad and even on our phones in the car. We love finding great YouTube channels for the boys to enjoy and this one provides a lot of fun content! If you have young kids, check out the KiddoTV channel on YouTube for some great videos!

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You can also visit to learn more about the characters and print color pages!
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What kinds of videos do YOUR kids LOVE to watch?




Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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