Kristi’s Dunkin Donuts Birthday Breakfast

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This year, my sister got to spend her birthday in Florida for the first time! I can’t remember the last time we spent her birthday together so I was really excited to make her day fun and memorable. After talking about Dunkin Donuts the night before, Drew and I decided to fulfill one of our traditions here and get a bunch of donuts for breakfast on her birthday. It’s something we’ve done for awhile on special occasions and Andrew is a huge fan of these special breakfasts. He LOVES donuts almost as much as he loves tractors which is a whole lot! My family doesn’t have a Dunkin Donuts where they live in northern California, and none of them had ever eaten them before. Drew went out in the morning and picked up a few of our favorites and some new ones and he didn’t disappoint.

I’m pretty sure Andrew knew what it was before we even opened up the boxes. He was EXTREMELY excited to say the least. Since it’s almost Easter, they had some Peeps donuts. Andrew saw them right away and immediately started quacking like a duck. He’s so funny! We let him pick out his own donut and, of course, he chose the Peep donut. We got him all set up in his high chair and I started taking pictures. It was adorable how excited he was! He actually sat there and smiled and posed for a few photos before he couldn’t handle it anymore and dove in! It was hilarious! And what was even funnier, is that when Kristi posed for a photo with him, he quickly took an opportunity to lean over his high chair and tried to steal a bite of her donut as well! Nothing ever gets by my sneaky little guy! You have to give him credit for trying!

Andrew had never had any Peeps before so this was his first time. As soon as he took a bite (or, rather, stuffed it in his mouth!), he decided he couldn’t eat it and after staring at his hand in horror, he put it back in the donut and quacked. It was so funny!

It was so fun for me to be able to share such a fun little memory with my sister on her birthday. Starting the day with smiles and lots of laughs is a great way to celebrate!

Here are some photos:

Dunkin Donuts PeepsDunkin DonutsKristi Todd Andrew Satmary Dunkin DonutsKristi Todd Andrew SatmaryAndrew Satmary Peeps Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Dunkin Donuts PeepsAndrew Satmary Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Peeps Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Peeps Dunkin DonutsAndrew Satmary Peeps Dunkin DonutsKristi Todd Andrew Satmary Dunkin Donuts PeepsKristi Todd Andrew Satmary Peeps Dunkin DonutsKristi Todd Andrew Satmary Kristi Todd Rafael UrbinaKristi and Maggie Todd Rafael Urbina




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