First LIVE Radio Interview w/ My Cool Inventions Radio Show!

Lindsay Satmary ChairWear Fashion Chirt Custom Office Chair Covers
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I applied to be on the My Cool Inventions Radio show sometime last year. I finally got the call (well, an e-mail) to come on as a guest inventor on the show (today- May 11th) to pitch my invention, The Chirt, LIVE, to 100,000+ listeners! No pressure, right? I’m totally afraid of public speaking, but I know we have an amazing product and I know that it’s about time for us to get it out there. So excited, but nervous, I prepared for something that I thought I’d never do. With a perfected pitch (after practicing for an hour last night), and my amazing husband by my side for support, I embarked on a radio adventure.

We arrived at the studio in Tampa about 15 minutes prior to the start of the show. I was one of 3 inventors delivering a one-minute long pitch. Thankfully, I was set to go last. This gave me some time to calm my nerves a bit as well as size up my competition. Not to mention, 3 is my lucky number! I met my husband on the 3rd of the month. Our amazing son was born on the 3rd. This was a great sign! The first inventor wasn’t in the studio so Jodi, one of the producers, read their pitch for them. I thought, great, how can I follow a pro? But it was apparently also her first time as well. She did amazing…. but the pitch was for some kind of manure product. Surely, I could do better than poop. I mean, my products are really cool even compared to other, less-gross things. Then, the second inventor called in from out of the area. (This show airs all over the country.) She seemed confident but her pitch was sooo fast. Lots of info. I don’t know if she forgot the website or if she said it too fast, but she was able to repeat it at the end. And when it was over I thought, Oh my goodness. What did I get myself into?! (Pretty much the same feeling you have when the roller coaster clicks up hill knowing that sheer terror lies ahead and there’s no turning back!) So I went into the studio, sat in the leopard-print-Chirt-covered chair, and took a deep breath.

John and Akos were great! And it was really cool to meet them in person. I’ve followed them both on Facebook and Twitter for some time and listen to the show now and then also. Here I was, only seconds away from speaking live on the radio to thousands and thousands of listeners. I had this vision in my head of me completely messing up, cracking up laughing, and just having a very awkward experience. I told my husband in the car on the way to the studio that at least if I mess up very badly, maybe we’ll still get some publicity on fail blog or maybe Jay Leno will make fun of me (wishful thinking, I know). They say when it comes to PR, bad press is still press. Whatever gets them talking, right?! So my turn approached. I heard the music in my headphones and I knew once it stopped I’d have a minute to deliver my pitch that took me about 58 seconds each time we rehearsed it the night before. This meant that I had absolutely NO room for any mistakes!

So I started speaking, and I didn’t laugh or cough or mess up any of the words. I finished my entire pitch and was able to breath in between paragraphs. And at the end, I think everyone happy with my effort. They said I was the first of over 100 people to close the deal and ask for the vote! That was awesome. That last part was one of my late-night revisions. So glad I got it in there!


Voting is going on now through Wednesday so if you haven’t yet voted for the Chirt, please do! Remember you can vote via text (by texting Chirt to 22333) AND online at www. so PLEASE head over there ASAP and VOTE VOTE VOTE for the Chirt!

Thank you all SO much for all the texts, calls, Facebook messages, comments, likes, retweets, votes, etc. Your support means so much!

If you missed me live, check out the videocast below:


(I’m on at 18:07)

And here are some photos:

Lindsay Satmary Chirt ChairWear Fashion

Lindsay Satmary ChairWear Fashion Chirt Custom Office Chair Covers Chirt ChairWear Fashion Office Chair Cover Leopard

Chirt ChairWear Fashion Lindsay Satmary  The rankings as of 8:10pm EST May 11, 2013 (pictured above)

   UPDATE: We WON with 64% of the votes!

  Click here to view results!




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