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Each year as Mother’s Day comes along, we usually celebrate our own mom and those of us who have been blessed with children get to also celebrate being a mom. But there are so many special people in our lives who deserve to be recognized, who have made an impact on our lives in a special way!

This Mother’s Day, I’ve partnered with LovePop to help recognize Other Mothers. As I reflect on the many amazing, strong women who I have been blessed to have in my life, so many people come to mind. From my amazing mother-in-law, to a childhood friend’s mom who helped raise me as a child, my 7th grade teacher who will always hold a special place in my heart, my best friend who will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day this year….after having TWINS, my sister-in-law who has always been there for us along our parenting journey, my cousin who has grown children and has demonstrated love and friendship with her children that I hope to accomplish with mine, and so many more!

While it was hard to choose just one person, my Nana is who I’ve decided to honor this Mother’s Day as my “other mother.” She’s incredibly special to me. Last month, she just turned 89 years old. While we don’t live in the same state, she is someone who I think of every day. Luckily technology allows us to “see” each other with Skype or Facebook video chat. I haven’t been able to hug her since we visited her last July, a surprise visit where she got to meet our youngest son, Aidan, for the first time (he was one year old then). He just loved her so much and still talks about her all the time!

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards Lindsay Satmary

I was fortunate to grow up within 3 miles from all of my grandparents. We got to see each other whenever we wanted, celebrate all birthdays and holidays together, and build a close relationship. When I think back to my childhood, holidays with my grandparents are my happiest memories! I lost my grandpa in 6th grade and my other grandpa and grandma when I was 16. At age 30, Nana is the only grandparent I have left. She is the only one who got to meet my husband, Drew, and hold both of my babies.

Kevin O'Leary Lindsay and Drew Satmary

During high school, I even lived with my Nana for awhile. She took excellent care of me and welcomed all my friends, made me feel loved, and has always believed in my dreams. She knew how much I wanted a family of my own someday so I am incredibly thankful that she was able to meet both of my children. When Andrew was 3 months old, we flew from Florida to the West Coast to visit family and she got to meet him then. Meeting Aidan for the first time last summer was just as special. In fact, after we left, she seemed to have a little more energy during the day and started walking around without needing her walker as much!

Shark Tank Lindsay Satmary nana

Shark Tank Lindsay Satmary

I will always cherish my Nana, how much she loves me, my husband, and our sweet boys. I’ve been blessed to have her in my life for 30 years and I’m hoping to celebrate her 100th birthday with my husband and our kids! Her health hasn’t been the best lately, so I’m praying she will be with us as long as possible.

I know two little boys who have lots of hugs saved up for her and can’t wait to see her again soon!

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Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Who is Your “Other Mother?”

Do you know an extraordinary woman? Someone who has inspired you or been there for you? Have you ever told her that she’s awesome?  LovePop wants to honor the special women in your life who fill important roles and make the world a better place.

Help LovePop Honor Your Other Mother:

You can share YOUR OWN other mother nomination on LovePop’s website. All Other Mother’s nominated on the LovePop website will receive a special card from LovePop and a few will also receive a very special curated gift basket!

Kevin O'Leary something wonderful pop up greeting cards


About LovePop:

I know many of you know exactly who LovePop is, because most of my friends love Shark Tank as much as I do! LovePop appeared on Season 7 of Shark Tank and got a deal with Kevin O’Leary. Since then, they’ve done incredibly well and have recently appeared on QVC as well as The View.

For those of you who don’t know, today is your lucky day because you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on! LovePop is a greeting card company unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Love Pop cards are 3D pop up greeting cards and many styles are available for all occasions and even just because! They come with a beautiful 3D pop up design inside and blank space to write your own message. Once you see one in person, you’ll be hooked!

Shop LovePop’s Mother’s Day collection here, but don’t forget to first nominate your Other Mother here so LovePop can send her something special!

To those who are announcing a pregnancy this Mother’s Day, be sure to look for their ADORABLE Bun in the Oven pop up card!

KEvin O'Leary Something Wonderful

Check out these AMAZING cards:

LovePop 3D pop up greeting cards pictured below:

  1. 1) Floral Bouquet (gray)
  2. 2) Floral Bouquet (blue)
  3. 3) Cat Mom (purple)

The Cat Mom is my FAVORITE! I’ve always been a cat lady and this card is just the cutest! They are all amazing! So many intricate details go into each and every LovePop card.


Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Kevin O'Leary Pop Up Greeting Cards

Connect with LovePop:

You will definitely want to follow LovePop on Facebook, Instagram (and use hashtag #lovepop when you share YOURS!), Pinterest, and Twitter to see all the wonderful Other Mothers and beautiful 3D pop up greeting card photos all year long!

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Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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