Mommy Monday: Combining Hands-On with Technology

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When it comes to little ones and technology, there are so many choices to be made. Some people are against screen time while others allow their kids to use tablets and watch television. As a tech family, my husband and I have always wanted to find ways to introduce technology to our kids in a healthy and fun way. I personally believe that with anything in life, your experience with something is entirely dependent upon how you choose to use it. I have discovered that when used correctly, technology is an amazing tool to engage kids with fascinating learning experience that promotes important skills like creativity, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills. Finding a play set that does all of these things makes me super happy because I think learning should always be fun and technology can be such a great learning tool.

We received a complimentary Magic Play set for review and I’m so excited to share this with you guys, because I absolutely LOVE what it does! All thoughts presented are our own. The Magic Play set by Magikbee is an interactive STEM learning kit that accompanies fun, made-for-kids learning apps with your own iPad and real wooden blocks. It includes a wooden iPad stand, 3 free educational game downloads, and 10 Smart wooden blocks that communicate with your iPad through the apps and deliver a fun experience where your kids build a variety of shapes that interact with characters on the screen.

This technology is SO cool and both my kids love it! The play set is intended for kids ages 2-8. Each app has different levels that vary in difficulty so as your children learn more, they are able to challenge themselves and improve their building skills, all while having fun with the characters on the screen. My kindergartener is the perfect age for this play set and I love watching the wheels turning in his brain while he tries to figure out each new level. It’s so great that they can play with this set in so many different ways and have a new and challenging experience with every new level.

I can’t recommend this play set enough. If you like technology and hands-on learning, you definitely need to check out Magikbee! Because this concept is so cool, Andrew and I put together a short video demonstration so you can see the set in action!



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Written by Lindsay Satmary

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