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Back to school shopping is something I personally enjoy because it’s that time of year when all the fun office supplies and accessories are everywhere! From pens to pretty staplers, I always enjoying finding some fun items for my desk and passing my love for fun supplies on to my kids! At our kids’ school, we are provided with a list of supplies by grade. It makes it so much easier to check each item off for each child while shopping!

This year, when you shop back to school at Walgreens, you can help Walgreens give back to teachers in your local community with the Walgreens ME to WE program! There are several fun ways to get involved!

1. Shop the ME to WE Collection:

The ME to WE collection features a variety of fun office supplies and accessories, planners, journals, and more! Choose from styles in blue, pink, or green and rose gold! Every back to school purchase helps provide teachers and their schools with tools and resources to empower their students through the WE Teachers program.

“WE Teachers is a new, no-cost program for any teacher across America, providing free resources and training to support them in addressing critical social issues with their students like bullying and mental health.”

2. Shop ME to WE Proud Supporter Brand Partners:

You can also check off the items on your list by shopping brand partners in the blue ME to WE marked displays to help contribute to the resources for teachers in your area.

3. Nominate a Teacher for a $500 ME to WE Award:

Click here to nominate a special teacher in your life for a chance to win a $500 ME to WE Award that will help provide supplies for his or her classroom! Not only do teachers spend a LOT of time with our kids teaching them valuable lessons that will help them through life, but they also create an inspiring and fun classroom at their own expense in many situations. The work that teachers do is invaluable, so any way to help them do their job a little easier is a great idea! I’m so excited I had the opportunity to partner with Walgreens this year over on Instagram to share about the ME to WE program. Our kids have had amazing teachers so far and I’m so thankful for everything they have invested into our family’s future!


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Do You Have a Favorite Teacher Memory?

I still remember all of the teachers I’ve had and my favorite teacher was definitely my 7th Grade teacher. Not only did she put her entire heart into the classroom and creating a fun learning environment for her students, but she put her heart into developing her students as well. There were times that she was the one person I needed to believe in me and I know I wouldn’t be here today without her kindness. I still remember her supply closet and at that age, I didn’t realize the investment that teachers make on their own. It means so much to have had teachers put everything into my education and well-being.

As a mom of now two school-age children, I want to recognize all of the teachers who care and make the classroom a fun place. I picked up a few fun items at Walgreens for our boys’ teachers this year.





Written by Lindsay Satmary

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