We went to Medieval Times in Orlando, Florida!

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We recently had the pleasure of visiting Medieval Times, an action packed dinner show in Orlando, Florida where we enjoyed an amazing meal and lots of live entertainment! We were hosted by Medieval Times for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

We attended the 8:30pm show and arrived at Medieval Times at 7:15. It is recommended to arrive an hour before your show starts so you have time to check out the cool museum filled with rooms and artifacts dating back to the Medieval time period in in 11th century! It was really neat to see so many things and be reminded of a much simpler time in life. The boys really enjoyed looking through the exhibits.

The guests will also have an opportunity to take a photo with the king and the princess before the show starts.

Once you’re ready to head back to the castle, your MC will sort you into kingdoms by the color of the crown you were assigned. This will determine where you sit and when you head into the arena.  It’s a nice way of keeping a large crowd organized. We had no trouble heading into the area to find our table. Our server was kind enough to grab booster seats for the boys so they could sit up a bit higher. The arena also has tiered table seating so all guests have a clear view of the entertainment and plenty of room to eat and take photos during the show.

When we were seated, we found our place setting complete with a hand sanitizer wipe, which was nice since we’d be eating the meal with our hands, just as they did back then, along with a flag for cheering on our night. Guests are served on metal plates and bowls. The four course meal fit for a royal included garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, buttered corn on the cob and herb baked potatoes along with a drink of choice and lemon pound cake for dessert. There are vegetarian options available for those who needed it. Our boys really enjoyed eating with their hands, and the grown ups did, too. You have plenty of time to enjoy each part of the meal as you enjoy the show. They also provide plenty of hand wipes so you don’t have to worry about how messy your hands get. The service was excellent and portions were quite generous. We had plenty to eat and everything was delicious! The boys ate really well, which is a huge plus!

The live dinner show features a variety of Medieval-themed live entertainment from beautiful dancing horses, to the Flight of the Royal Falcon which was absolutely amazing to see as the falcon flew RIGHT over our heads! As the show began, the knights displayed a variety of highly trained weapons skilled as they raced around the arena on horseback and on foot competing against other knights to win the princesses heart. The crowd went wild cheering for their knight or booing for the knights in other kingdoms. Knights threw flowers into the stands as a gesture of appreciation. On the night we went, there was an entire high school sitting in our kingdom, so it was quite a lively crowd. I loved seeing our boys’ eyes just light up with excitement as they cheered along and waved their flags. They loved it!

Our boys are 4 and 5 years old and they had an AMAZING time! I’m so glad they got to experience such a fun dinner show that they will never forget! I HIGHLY recommend this show for families, couples, or generally anyone visiting the Orlando, Florida area. It’s definitely worth blocking off a night during your vacation! The show itself is about 2 hours long. We took the extra time to walk through the museum before the show started and our total visit was about 3-3.5 hours. Our boys were really excited to come along with mommy and daddy for “date night” and we made some great memories together at Medieval Times!

To see some of the amazing highlights from our visit, check out our video!

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

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Written by Lindsay Satmary

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