My DNA Results are in! What a shock!!

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Have you ever wondered what your ethnicity is? How much do you know about your family history? How far back does your family tree go, and where? Do you you know how much ethnicity you inherited from each parent?’s DNA testing will reveal all of this for you! I was selected by HouseParty to host an AncestryDNA party in June. I received my DNA test kit and mailed in back last month and this week I found out the results. (They say to allow 6-8 weeks for processing, but mine came back after less than 4 weeks!) I was absolutely shocked at my results!

Lindsay Satmary ethnicity

As most of you probably know, my mother is 100% Portuguese. Her parents and their parents are literally from Portugal. My mother is so Portuguese that she and her brother went to school as a child and had to learn English and then go home and teach their parents. So it seemed pretty obvious to me that I would be half Portuguese. That’s what I’ve always said and how I’ve always identified myself. On my father’s side, I was always told that they are Irish/Scottish. My father and his sister even have red hair, so that pretty much seals it. I was assuming my DNA results would basically show more or less exactly that. I have my mother’s dark hair and brown eyes and my father’s light skin and freckles. Seems pretty obvious.

Well, here’s what I found out. It looks like the only part I was right about is the Irish, as it’s my strongest ethnicity with 34%. I am also only 20% Portuguese, not 50%! What a shock! And…. I’m also 20% Scandinavian (Sweden, Denmark, Norway). For something that seemed so obvious (the Portuguese ethnicity) to be equal to something that neither side of the family had ever even mentioned (Scandinavian) is really crazy!

I wonder if this has anything to with the fact that both of my boys have blue eyes?

There are some extras in there like 7% Italy/Greece (which completely explains my love for pasta and Greek salads!), and 7% Great Britain (what a shame I don’t have a cool accent to go along with it!). Then there are some surprises in there like 5% North African, 4% Middle Eastern (Saudia Arabia, Iraq), and 1% Jewish.

In addition to the complete ethnicity profile that I received, I also received 130 PAGES of possible distant cousins who match my DNA. I am still going through them all and plan to contact a few to see if we can match up family trees somehow. The first 4 pages were third and fourth cousins of at least a 96% DNA match, and you can’t really change your DNA, so that is really neat! Who would have thought?!

I highly recommend you trying out the Ancestry DNA test for yourself to find out more about your family and see if you may be as surprised as I was! I will have a couple discount coupons for my HouseParty, so feel free to come join us to learn more about Ancestry DNA and enjoy some fun food from around the world. Send me a message for information if you’re interested.

Here’s a screen shot of my results (see below). You can click on each section and see the map and what countries in a specific region are highlighted for you when you view the results on their website.

Lindsay Satmary ethnicity

Note: I received a complimentary DNA kit through House Party in exchange for hosting a party to help people learn about the service. I was not required to post a blog. All thoughts are my own.




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