Nadine West Unboxing & Try On Haul: Box #1

Nadine West is an affordable style subscription service! Use my code below for $10 OFF and FREE shipping!

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I received a complimentary style bag in exchange for sharing my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Okay, when it comes to styling services, I’ve had an amazing experience doing this for Avalynn and for the boys, but I’ve NEVER tried a style service for ME…..until NOW!

I am so excited that I got to try out Nadine West– an affordable style subscription service with items ranging from $10-30. Going into my first style experience was interesting! I had NO idea what to expect with someone I’ve never met shopping for me! I did fill out the style quiz on the Nadine West website, so they had some basic info to start with.The quiz was really easy and only took a couple minutes. I provided my sizing, color preferences, styles I like and don’t like, and preferences on which items to receive. (I opted out of receiving scarves because I live in Florida and it’s hot all year. I also opted out of receiving earrings because my ears are not pierced.) I was also able to add in some personal notes at the bottom for my stylist to help determine what I like or don’t like.

What’s in my first bag?

My first Nadine West style bag included 11 items grouped into three bundles! They try to mix and match items into bundles for outfits and you can expect to receive at least 4-6 items depending on what all will fit in your bag. You can a combination of tops, bottoms, dresses, and jewelry and accessories. In my bundles, I received 3 shirts and a cardigan, 3 bottoms, 2 dresses and 2 necklaces.

Watch my Try-On Haul Video here:

Item #1: High-Waisted Black and White Striped Shorts: $22.19

These are SO soft and cozy and they have pockets! I’ve really been loving all of the high waisted shorts this year. It’s hot in Florida and I love being comfortable while also looking like I’m trying to be a little cute haha

I don’t think I look amazing with these shorts, but they are cute and comfy and I really like them! I’ve discovered that it’s okay to wear cute things that fit my body now while I’m on a healthier journey to get to where I’d like to be later.

Item #2: Floral Print Flowy Pants: $18.99

These pants are not something I would have chosen for myself, but I really love them! They’re cute and comfy and they fit really well….and have pockets! This is a fun thing about working with a style service- getting to try and discover new styles. They were great so I said yes!

(I forgot to take a picture of this one somehow, but you can see it up above in my Try-On Video!)

Item #3: Grey Cropped Jeggings: $20.99

I don’t typically like cropped pants AT ALL, but these were actually super comfortable and I love the color of them! They are very stretchy which works well for someone who’s had a few babies! I said yes to these!

Item #4: Floral print Cold Shoulder Tunic: $26.99

This shirt is really pretty but it doesn’t fit my personal taste. While I love florals, I found the muted colors and style of this particular floral print a bit to retro-y for my taste (if that even makes sense?). The ruffled sleeves are fun but the shirt fit me really boxy, which I don’t love. It’s also really long (and I’m really short, 5’1″) so it’s that awkward length where it’s too short to be a dress but too long to be a shirt. It’s just not for me so this one will be donated.

Item #5: White Floral Top: $26.99

I typically avoid wearing white because I need to lose a bit more baby weight and white tends to make me look heavier. When I tried this one on, there was some extra fabric sticking out on the sides. Even after adjusting the straps, it just had a really off fit on me. It was also pretty low cut which I’m not into. I’m sure this would be cute on someone else, but for me it’s not a good fit so this will be donated.

Item #6: Floral Off the Shoulder Dress: $32.99

I absolutely LOVE the colors of this dress, so bright and fun! I’m really into blues and this shade is perfect! This dress fit really well and was pretty long on me but works fine with shoes. I definitely said yes to this one!

Item #7: Black and White Asymmetrical Maxi Dress: $23.99

I absolutely LOVE the style of this dress. Black and white stripes are my thing. I also LOVE the fabric- super comfy! Unfortunately, it’s super form fitting and very unflattering on me. After three babies, I’m still working on my stomach area and this dress just doesn’t work for my current body. I’m going to keep it and hang onto it just in case I lose a bit of weight because it did fit. I think if I could get into shape it might be really cute, but form fitting for me is not happening right now.

I try not to do this too much because a year ago I donated 2/3 of my clothes knowing they probably wouldn’t fit again. But, I think having 1-2 pieces for a goal is okay.

Item #8: Black Lace Shoulder Top: $29.49

This is totally something I’d pick out! The lace detail on the shoulder gives it just enough to look cute while still feeling comfy and casual. Much better on my stomach area! I definitely said yes to this one!

Item #9: Leopard Print Cardi: $23.49

This is a fun one. I really like that leopard print is in again. As someone with dark hair, I think it compliments well. This cardigan is a stretchy-sheer material and is short-sleeved and lightweight, which will work great for the hot climate where I live in Florida. It bunches up a bit on the sides which I don’t love, but I think I could see myself wearing this one a few times so it’s a maybe!

Jewelry & Accessories:

Item #10: Gold Circle Necklace: $27.99

This necklace is really fun! I love all the gold circles and I love that it’s longer since I prefer longer necklaces. This one was definitely a yes!

Item #11: Blue and Gold Pendant Necklace: $29.99

This necklace is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I really love the coloring. It’s a really pretty blue with hints of purple, my two favorites! Unfortunately, it’s stuck in a knot and I haven’t been able to get it out so I had to say no just for that reason.

Bag #1 Recap:

In this bag, I received 11 total items. I said Yes to 6 items, No to 4, and Maybe to 1 so I’m giving my first bag a 64% Style Success rating. Since this is only my very FIRST style bag, I think it’s a great outcome!

I filled out the feedback survey after trying on all of my items with great detail so I’m excited to see how my stylist uses that in my next bag! As with any style service, you can expect each shipment to get better as you leave feedback and your stylist gets to know you and your preferences and sizing a bit more.

How it Works:

Nadine West is a style subscription service for women in the US ranging in sizes Small to 3X. You can choose your frequency and skip, pause, or cancel at anytime! You pay a $9.78 shipping fee that is credited toward any items you keep in your bag. You also receive a return shipping label and are able to use the same bag to return any unwanted items. (Items cost $10-30, so if you’d like to try a style service on a budget, this is a great option to get started with!)

Try it for FREE and get $10 Credit:

If you’d like to give Nadine West a try, click here and you’ll receive $10 OFF your first item and FREE shipping on your first bag. I’ll also get a $10 credit for referring you, so thank you!


Have you ever tried a style service?

Let me know your favorites in the comments!



Written by Lindsay Satmary

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