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  • Back to School Recipes with Post Cereal

    Back to School is an exciting and busy time for most families! Here are two super fun, easy, and YUMMY recipes you can make for your kids that would be perfect for breakfast or an after school snack!

  • YouTube Moms You Need to Watch

    Whether you’re looking for inspiration, laughter, advice, or just entertainment, YouTube moms are awesome and these moms are some of my favorites!

  • Fever Scout Smart Thermometer Review

    Having sick little ones is no fun! It’s even worse when you are up all night trying to take care of them but you’re exhausted. Fevers can escalate quickly. Now there’s something parents can use to have peace of mind all night long!

  • 25 Cool Items You Need in Your Kitchen

    Your kitchen is a busy place. Here are 25 fun and unique must have items to make cooking, eating, and entertaining more fun and functional!

  • Home Decor: Kitchen Refresh for Under $100

    Decorating the house is so much fun! I love being able to find new pieces that fit our home, our style, and our family! Come along with me as I redecorate our kitchen on a budget!

  • DIY: Back to School Goal Planning Tutorials

    Back to School is a busy and fun time! Come along as I show you how to create fun Monthly and Weekly Goal Planners for parents and students using my favorite supplies!

  • Three Month Old Baby Bedtime Routine

    As soon as people start asking about your new baby, you can expect the inevitable question asked, “Is baby sleeping through the night yet?” As first time parents with Andrew, we had no idea that this was a challenge. He spoiled us from the very beginning! Then came his brother, Aidan. Boy did we experience […]

  • Summertime Picnic with a New Baby

    Planning a family outing in the summertime requires careful planning and packing! Come along our family picnic to learn some tips and ideas!

  • Introducing KiddoTV: Fun Videos for Kids!

    We love technology in our home and allow the boys screen time in moderation. We limit the time they have their tablets and we also make sure they watch things we approve of. We love a mix of entertainment and educational video content. My favorite is when the videos are interactive and get the boys […]