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    We took the boys to see their VERY FIRST Monster Jam show last weekend and they had a BLAST! Come check out some highlights from the show and the pit party!

  • Little Global Citizens | Subscription Unboxing

    Little Global Citizens is an educational subscription box for kids that will curate an amazing box that introduces your child to a new country every month! In this box, we learn all about Peru!

  • Personalize Your Supplies with Stuck on You + Giveaway

    Shopping for school supplies is probably on your to-do list this month. I have a great solution for labeling and personalizing your child’s items that is fun, easy, and super cute! Come check it out and win a set for your family!

  • On the Move with Pediped Shoes

    Your child’s favorite pair of shoes will carry them into the classroom to learn, onto the playground to make new friends, and through a whole new year of memories! Learn how Pediped supports healthy foot growth and gives back to schools!

  • New Underpants Dance!

    Do your gets get excited about new underwear? Mine do! And with Lucky and Me, parents can also get excited about 100% organic cotton, high quality products, and affordable prices!

  • Back to School Style with Mitz Kids

    Back to School is here! Are you looking for some fun styles for your boys and girls? You’ll definitely want to check out Mitz Kids, fun kids clothing free from gender stereotypes that inspires creativity!

  • POSTMARK’D STUDIO | Subscription Unboxing

    Do you like sending out greeting cards? In this Subscription Unboxing, I feature a fun stationery box called Postmark’d Studio that sends a curated collection of themed items to your door monthly!

  • Zoo Camp 2018 at Dade City’s Wild Things

    Join Andrew and Aidan as they attend Zoo Camp at Dade City’s Wild Things and make some very special memories with hands-on animal encounters!

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