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  • The Aroma Box by Coffee Grace Oils

    Have your ever tried essential oils? I had my first experience with essential oils when Aidan was a newborn, about three years ago. I had no idea just how many things essential oils can be used for and was really interested to learn more. I’ve been hooked ever since! I received a complimentary subscription box […]

  • [Spotlight] Meet Russie Jones, Inventor of Rely-a-Light

    When it comes to inventors, Russie Jones has done more than turn on the light bulb. She has created a way for the light bulb to literally turn on without power! Russie is the genius behind the Rely-a-Light, a decorative emergency lamp that comes on as soon as the power goes out. It can work […]

  • Fun at the Park with pediped® Footwear + GIVEAWAY

    Being a mom of two boys is so much fun! It’s also quite a lot of exercise. If you didn’t know, little boys require a LOT of outside play time to get all their crazies out. They love anything outdoors, so now that the weather is warming up, we are going to make a point […]

  • [Spotlight] Meet The Splash Baby Inventor, Jessika Ross

    I really love getting to know other entrepreneurs and I definitely have a special place in my heart for mompreneurs who balance it all like I do because let me tell you, it’s not always easy! Over the past couple years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jessika Ross turn an idea into a physical […]

  • DIY Baby Girl Headband Organizer Tutorial

    I’ve had so much fun shopping for cute hair bows, headbands, and accessories for our first baby girl! We weren’t sure if she would take after her big brother, Andrew, and arrive with an amazing full head of hair, or take after her mommy and look like Caillou. Either way, the idea of dressing her […]

  • 6 Pregnancy Books to Read When You’re Expecting

    Finding out you are pregnant is a very exciting time in your life–especially if it’s your first baby! But with that excitement comes a thousand unanswered questions! Like, what side effects are normal? When will the “morning sickness” go away? How soon will your belly start to show? How will you know you are in […]

  • Vitamin C for my Skin? Yes please!

    Skin care has always been important to me but it wasn’t until I turned 30 and began to see visible changes that I really started to take it more seriously with a daily/nightly skin care routine. I love trying new beauty and skin care products! When I was offered an opportunity to work with Alina […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Products Aren’t Selling Online

    Do you love shopping online? I do! I love the convenience of sitting in my comfortable bed in my pajamas with my laptop, a cup of tea, and my sleeping baby next to me. I love not having to hunt for a parking space, or deal with getting three little ones in and out of […]

  • The Great Big Giant Spring Cleaning Purge

    How and why did I decide to take part in the Great Big GIANT Spring Cleaning Purge? I’m glad you asked! As we rolled into the New Year, I found myself reflecting on the previous year. The first half the year was super productive and I accomplished many goals. The second half of the year […]

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