Happy Home: Playroom Tour & Toy Organization

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Hey guys! Welcome to the first post of my Happy Home series where I share home design and organization inspiration! In this post, I’ll share an inside peek at the boy’s playroom! This playroom was a fun project for me to create an environment that fostered creativity and imagination for my kids. We have made so many fun memories in this room!

When it comes to toy organization, it wasn’t always easy for us. In fact, there were MANY days that you couldn’t even see the carpet in this room because all of the toys were dumped out and strewn all over the room. This created stress in our family and wasted precious time of playing together. I knew I had to come up with a solution and I didn’t want to just get rid of the toys my kids enjoyed. So… I overhauled the system. I dedicated the playroom to specific types of toys. Each set goes into it’s own storage bin. The clear bins are the best since my kids aren’t yet able to read all of the labels I had previously used on the shelves. This way they know that every toy has a home and they can easily see and identify exactly where things go. Next, we tried to establish a rule: Play with one bin at a time and when you’re done with it, put it away before you get something else out. This allowed the room to be cleared out so that they had room to play. In the center of the room, we have one of the IKEA race car map carpets. It’s great to give the boys a place to play with their cars and helps to bring some color into the room.

If it was up to me, the walls would have been painted a light grey, but renting a home sometimes means you make the best of things the way they are when you aren’t allowed to paint. So I did my best to add color to the room through the boys’ art projects and family photos. My favorite art pieces were the melting crayon art I made with Andrew when we first moved into this home and the canvas print collage of our special memories of Nana and the boys before she went to Heaven. I am so thankful for the times we got to visit her and I love hanging this in the playroom so the boys will remember how much she loved them!

Some of your may remember that Andrew wore 4 costumes for his first Halloween and I’ve never stopped dressing my kids up! It’s so much fun and I strongly believe that dress up play is important for both boys and girls. So you’ll find it no surprise that we have quite a collection of costumes, super hero capes and masks, and Build-a-Bear costumes. I can’t think of a day when my kids haven’t worn their costumes and I love that they can use their imaginations together!

You’ll notice a few things aren’t pictured here. When I decided to keep the playroom limited to specific sets of toys, I moved a few things out to keep it organized. Games and art supplies (paint stuff, coloring books, etc.) were kept in a separate activity closet. In the basement we had an area for bigger toys (balls, ride on toys, a toy kitchen and lots of food, mini trampoline, slide, etc.). Basically all the messy stuff was kept out of site so the main living area would be simple and easier to facilitate playtime without mess.

Since Avalynn is still a baby, I kept all of her toys and things in her room. I will be sharing that next! She has been teething for awhile and everything goes into her mouth. It made sense for me to keep her things separated.

Note: We also recently moved, so documenting this special room was a way for me to preserve memories for my kids. I’m excited to share this special place with all of you and look forward creating a fun play space in our next home!

I hope you like our video and please check back for more home inspired posts coming every week!



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Let’s Chat! What are YOUR kids’ favorite toys?

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