Our visit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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Drew and I enjoyed a much needed vacation for two long weeks visiting family in California and Oregon. During this trip, attended a family reunion, spent time with loved ones, drove our rental car over 3,000 miles in two weeks, and got married! In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some photos and videos from our vacation. Enjoy!

Santa Cruz, California

I had a great time with cousins and my great Aunt and Uncle (who, by the way, looks amazing for just completing his first round of chemo) in Santa Cruz, and it was nice for Drew to finally meet some of my family! We got to see the Boardwalk at night and during the daytime. It’s a really neat place and there were so many people having a wonderful time. Drew and I thought it would be so neat to have something like this back home in Clearwater or St. Pete (since they’re talking about replacing the Pier anyway). We even saw a fun movie night on the beach where everyone was bundled up with blankets enjoying Back to the Future on a giant inflatable movie screen on the sand. How fun!

Oh, and the clam chowder was AH-MA-ZING! I could eat it every day. I used to eat clam chowder as a kid and thought it would be a great way to help warm me up, but I had no idea how delicious it was going to be! While we ate lunch, we got to watch people playing volleyball outside and also saw a few sail boats. We had a great afternoon before heading up north to see my parents, Nana, and my sister.

Don’t let the blue sky in a couple of the photos fool you!  I was actually so cold that I was literally shaking! I wasn’t expecting 50 degree weather in August! (This may explain some of the shaky camera in the video–sorry!)

Drew and Lindsay Satmary

Drew and Lindsay Satmary

Drew and Lindsay Satmary

Lindsay Satmary Ed Lesnowicz




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