Snuggle Nest Portable Infant Sleeper

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new-baby-delight-supreme-snuggle-nest-portableThis is a great way to safely sleep with baby! It is comfortable and supportive and designed with your baby’s safety as top priority. The thin mattress cover includes padding and a sheet that are easily washable. When not in use, the snuggle nest can be folded up with the mattress and sheet inside. It Velcros shut. There is an attachment available that plays white noise and heartbeat sounds as well as music. It also has a night light. We have never used the attachment, but will try it out soon!

We have all of the Fisher-Price Snuggabunny items (Rock and Play Sleeper, Cradle and Swing, and Bouncer). Our son transitions from all of those items. However, the Snuggle Nest Portable Infant Sleeper is a great transitional item for us so that he also gets used to sleeping flat as well. (The other items are all elevated.) It’s great for napping with baby during the day. It’s awesome for traveling! We even put it inside the bottom of his play-yard so that he’s able to learn how to sleep in there but still enjoy a familiar comfort while he does.

What I really liked about this is that my son seemed to love sleeping on his side around 1 month old. When we’d take naps together, this was a great way for me to allow him to sleep on his side and not worry. Everything is breathable, so it really serves its purpose very well.

We only use this for naps, not for overnight sleep. He sleeps in the Rock-N-Play for that. But I think for naps it has been the perfect tool for us. It doesn’t take up too much space, yet also allows baby enough room to roll over a bit if they choose to.

Our son is now 4 months old and we’re planning a vacation for the holidays. This will definitely be going in my suitcase!


Some photos:

Snuggle Nest

He was only a couple weeks old here.

(As you can see, we don’t have the battery-powered attachment in place.)

We just never needed it.



Snuggle Nest Snuggle Nest


Andrew is able to get comfy in his Snuggle Nest and stretch out.

He especially LOVED to sleep on his side.





Snuggle Nest Snuggle Nest

Somehow his legs always find their way out of the nest and end up next to me. so cute!

(Don’t mind the outfit on the left… it was laundry time!)

Since he loves to sleep on his side in the nest, I sometimes prop him up with a tummy time pillow as pictured here (right).






Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing

Fisher-Price My Little Snuggabunny Rock-N-Play Sleeper