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Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce you to an awesome company based here in Tampa Bay called Ella Bing. Ella Bing specializes in handmade bow ties and lifestyle apparel for men (and some things for women also!). Each item is handmade with care and the best quality in craftsmanship and materials. We met Brent last September during Fashion Week and were quite impressed with the amazing and stylish creations they have to offer, especially the really neat wooden bow ties!  I recently caught up with Brent at Ella Bing for an exclusive interview that I’m excited to share with my readers:

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Lindsay: So these wooden ties are pretty amazing. How did you come up with the design?

Brent, Ella Bing: Thanks Lindsay, When we first started Ella Bing 2 years ago, we started with a basic cotton bow tie. But, we were looking for a way to set ourselves apart from the 1000s of other web based bow tie companies out there. My dad has always been an excellent wood worker, so I asked him if he could make a wood bow tie. We threw the results up on Instagram and people freaked and wanted more. The rest is sorta history, in our own little way. What is so fantastic about our wood bow ties are the fact they are made by hand, by one person. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Lindsay: I noticed all of your wooden ties are handmade. How long does it take to make one?

Brent: Yes, they are, and that is another thing that sets us apart from other wood bow tie companies. We do not use a CNC machine to cut out the shapes of our bows. They are all 100% handmade. The average bow tie take about 2-3 hours to complete. But, we have spent as much as 6 hours for the more intricate detailed bows.

Lindsay: What kind of wood is used for the wooden ties?

Brent: We source our wood from all over the planet. We do not use stains, dyes or paints on our wooden bow ties. They are all natural in color, which is pretty cool. In the past we’ve used Cocobolo, Zebra wood, Purpleheart, Permanbuco, Black Ivory, the list goes on and on. Funny story, when we started going down the wood bow tie path, we found a man selling his exotic wood samples collection (on craigslist). He had tens-of-thousands of unique pieces of wood, wall to wall boxes full of wood! Had we known what we were getting ourselves into and the popularity of wood bow tie that was to come, we would have bought every last piece. We still kick ourselves to this day.

Lindsay: Ella Bing is a family business, just like ours. Tell me a little about the dynamics of how your family works together? Does each person have a specific role?

Brent: Yes, each person has a specific role, and we are all wearing multiple hats. The dynamics work well, but we have our heated discussions just like any company. I think I might start producing our own reality TV show and throw it up on YouTube…lol. We started Ella Bing to remember my brother Matthew that is our focus, our drive and motivation. At the end of the day, we are family and that’s what matters most.
Lindsay: Your cloth bow tie collection has quite a few awesome possibilities. What are your top sellers this season?

Brent: Thanks, for our Spring 2014 collection of cloth bow ties we concentrated around bright and vibrant colors with traditional preppy patterns. Ie, seersucker and gingham and florals. By far our floral bow ties sell the most as floral prints are hot this year. Stay tuned as we are soon releasing a small Summer 14′ collection.

Lindsay: Who is your ideal customer?

Brent: Anyone, man or women, child or dog, who want’s to look their best. We feel our product lines make people feel good about themselves and adds a little extra pep in their step when wearing something made from Ella Bing. People get pretty geeked up when they receive their cigar box in the mail.

Lindsay: Have you had any celebrities sporting Ella Bing? If so, who?

Brent: We’ve worked with a handful of pro athletes and a couple ‘Famous’ folks out in LA. Here’s a little gem of info…June 29th was the BET awards, hosted by Chris Rock, you just might have seen one of our epic wooden bow ties on the Red Carpet.

Lindsay: What kinds of other products can customers buy from you?

Brent: Oh, boy! Well lets see, obviously cloth and wood bow ties (its the wood the makes them good). This past spring we expanded into the bow ties arch rivals territory, the neck tie. And with neck ties, comes sterling silver and wood tie clips. Of course we also hand make pocket squares, lapel pins and colorful leather belts. This Summer, we will be releasing a lavish beach tote, perfect for Florida weekends. Also, nautical themed bracelets for both men and women. Additionally this Fall we will be releasing our long awaited suspenders line, that should be pretty exciting. Of course 100% of our products are handmade by us, with the utmost attention to details and quality.

Lindsay: Where can customers buy your products?

Brent: Good question, we sell on our site,, through Etsy and we are in a few stores in the Bay area. Black and Denim in Ybor and Salt Pines in Hyde Park Village.

Lindsay: Tell me some about something new and exciting for Ella Bing right now or in the near future:

Brent: We recently just hosted our very first fundraiser, working with our charity The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. The theme and name of the event was ‘Bacon and Bow Ties’ it was held at Datz in South Tampa. It was a great event raising money for a cause we believe in.

We are now teaming with a local beer brewery to put on our next fundraiser, themed Beer and Bow Ties…stay tuned!

We were just on the WTSP ABC morning show talking about fashion and bow ties…that was pretty exciting.

And we have been published! In the book ‘Made by Hand‘ We recently popped up in the April Edition of GQ British.


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Wanna learn how to tie a Bow Tie? Click here!


Connect with Ella Bing for more updates and great fashion:

If you’re interested in learning more about Ella Bing and shopping their awesome selection, please visit their website at and sure to Like Ella Bing on Facebook! For the locals, I highly recommend visiting Ella Bing at one of their local shops so you can really see just how amazing these wooden bow ties are in real life. You will thank me later 🙂

Remember, all of these awesome ties and accessories are 100% hand-made in the USA, you really can’t get more American than that!

***UPDATE*** Congratulations to the winner, Michelle Boyd DeJong! ***


Lindsay Satmary blogger giveaway

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About this Bow Tie:

The Rollo Aurelius Cotton Bow Tie $40.00


This bow tie would make Dan Marino jealous. That’s right Danny freakin’ Marino. A cool mix of flowers and orange polka dots make this bow tie stand out in a crowd, no matter where you are at.

  • Fits up to a size 18” neck – Have a larger neck, we got you covered, just let us know!
  • Fall is near, start it off right with this bodacious bow tie
  • Metal vinyl coated hardware for easy adjustments
  • Freestyle – learn to tie a bow tie here!
  • 100% Awesome


A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie made with love, by humans, in America!

  • Adjustable
  • Cotton bow; dry clean only
  • Handmade in Tampa Bay Florida





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