Mom Bloggers and Content Creators Join Forces for the #STAYHOME Movement

Now more than ever, we are using our voices to make an impact

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When I started my blog a few years ago, it was just a hobby to share reviews and family moments with family and friends. After spending a few years writing for other people, I realized how much I enjoyed being able to create stories and share in my own voice so I took things more seriously. I focused my energy on growing my social media accounts so that my voice could reach as many people as possible. I wasn’t trying to change the world, but I did want other moms like me to feel less alone. I wanted to help new moms discover products that they could trust, find ideas that they felt inspired by, and get a behind-the-scenes look at my work from home life through the small businesses that I’ve started alongside my motherhood journey. It wasn’t always easy to balance motherhood and blogging with the business side of things, but as I spend more time at home, I’m finding this will be a great outlet to put a little bit of my best self back into the world again. The best thing I’ve taken out of this journey of blogging and social media content creation are the personal connections I’ve made with other moms all across the country! I’m so grateful to have a tribe of such amazing, strong, inspiring, talented, and kind women in my corner!

Using Our Voices for Good:

I saw the travel blogger community come together asking their community to stay home during this difficult time, on this post here by @aliciatenise, and I thought I’d ask my Instagram moms to work with me to help spread the message across our communities also! Every voice counts!

Sharing our lives on social media means that when something important is going on in the world, we HAVE to speak up and use our voices for positive impact. It’s our duty to do our part and it’s up to ALL of us to STAY HOME to make sure we can slow the spread of this horrible virus.

In collaboration with several of my favorite mamas I’ve met through Instagram, we are joining forces asking our communities to STAY HOME during this time of a scary global pandemic. Our world is changing daily. The world our children are living in is a scary place right now. We NEED to share this message and we’d like YOU to join in with us because together, we believe we can ALL help save lives.

Join us in the STAY HOME Challenge:

Please feel free to copy and paste our message in your own post and tag us for support!

Please STOP what you are doing today and LISTEN. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends just like YOU….. and we are here to ask you to PLEASE STAY HOME. Join us in this fight against the spread of this deadly virus. This is bigger than just you and me. This is a global pandemic and it’s ruining lives all around the world. The global lives lost to this horrible virus is now OVER 25 THOUSAND PEOPLE. Please think about that for a minute. 25K people will not celebrate a birthday or Christmas next year. 25K people won’t get to hug their loved ones again. We don’t want to lose anyone we love. And we don’t want you to, either! PLEASE STAY HOME.

We are joining forces to ask our community to please STAY HOME because we can help SAVE LIVES.
I am staying home for: .
Visit each of us below and let us know who you are staying home for. Then, post your own photo and tag us so we can support each other. Check in with someone because social distancing doesn’t have to mean you have no support. We are ALL #InThisTogether.

1. Laci @tinyhardins
2. Laura @bump.tobaby
3. Amanda @bitts.and.bobs
4. Madison @maddyrosegrey
5. Daniela @coldcoffeemombrain
6. Lindsay @paperclipsandconfetti
7. Sofia @sofia__gora
8. Emily @emilywondree
9. Krystle @queenofthebeehive
10. Christian @memorieswiththemulkeys_
11. Kiera @happilyeverelton
12. Aileen @bayliss.storybook
13. Gabby @theperrittenest

Get to know each of the moms below!

Meet the Moms Behind the Message:

1. Laci at @tinyhardins is a wife and mama to 5 children (4 Earth side and 1 angel baby).

Laci is staying home for her kids. Kids can carry so many germs from just being kids. Her twins were preemies & are doing great but she still wants to take extra precautions with babies in their home!

Tip for At Home Activities:
An activity my kids have loved so far are doing “challenges”. Much like obstacle courses but with a math problem and exercise in them! It’s been great for learning & getting out some energy!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
For my mental health/ self care I’ve noticed on days when I get up and get myself ready I feel better that day. More ready to take on homeschooling the kids, taking care of the twins & keeping our life going!


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2. Laura at @bump.tobaby, is married to her college sweetheart, they live in Sunny South Florida with their 2 kids and 2 pups.

Laura started Laura & Co Blog in 2015 when she was pregnant with her first child and 5 years later she’s so happy to have made so many wonderful friendships through social media.
Laura is staying home for her family and friends in the healthcare system, her family, but especially for everyone who’s immunocompromised and elderly.
Tip for At Home Activities:
Any easy arts and crafts! There’s so much you can do with things you already have at home! Pinterest will be your friend when looking for simple things to do at home with your kids!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Take a break when you need it! It’s so important to make time for yourself.


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3. Amanda at @bitts.and.bobs, is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mama to two myths (Griffin and Phoenix). Teacher, photographer, baker, and in no way a homemaker.
Visit her blog at:
Amanda is staying home for herself and the sweet baby girl baking in her belly!
Tip for At Home Activities:
We’re spending this time baking. Try making that set of banana nut muffins you always tell yourself you’ll make once you’re bananas get too ripe.
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Take a walk outside! If you’re pregnant like me, that physical activity is self care for both you and baby!


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4. Madison at @maddyrosegrey, lives in Memphis, TN. She is a single mom to a 6 year old boy named Carson who is in Kindergarten. They enjoy exploring outside, of course mama loves her coffee, & Target (yes, my son loves Target too, lol) Her son was a preemie baby, born 7 weeks early & has asthma. She is doing everything I can to keep him from getting sick. Hopefully all of this will be over soon & we can flatten the curve.
Madison is staying home for her son, her family, herself, & your family.
Tip for At Home Activities:
We have been doing tons of coloring & PUZZLES!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Get out & go for a walk, just make sure to stay 6ft from any neighbors. Or a drive helps also. Our town set up a bear hunt where we all put bears in ours windows & parents can take the kids to hunt for them & see how many we can find. Anything to get your mind off of this for a bit.


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5. Daniela at @coldcoffeemombrain, is from Jacksonville, North Carolina. They are Maryland natives and currently stationed in North Carolina with her amazing husband, toddler and two fur babies. She is a stay at home mama who loves to create things through many different hobbies (graphics, drawing, knitting, photography). She enjoys making those around her and those who follow her smile and laugh.
Daniela is staying home for her son and those who are immunocompromised. She has family members who wouldn’t survive if they caught this. That is who she is thinking of. They don’t live in the same state as their family members but she wouldn’t want to be the reason to put someone else’s family member in the hospital and she hopes people think about that when they go out and continue to “live their lives.”
Tip for At Home Activities:
Build a fort and string some Christmas lights in it! Load it up with pillows and watch a movie with your whole family inside!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Just get in the car and go for a drive somewhere that’s pleasing. Take that scenic route and jam to your favorite songs!


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6. Lindsay at @paperclipsandconfetti, and is from Tampa, Florida. (Hey, it’s me!) Lindsay is a mom of three kids ages 2-7 and has worked in some form of marketing, social media management, and blogging for the past 10 years. Lindsay loves to document life through photos and, when things are normal, you can find her at a theme park with her kids making fun memories! She loves arranging things by color, collecting office supplies and planners, and loves taking long walks through Target to unwind and smell the candles.
Lindsay is staying home for her family, health care workers who are sacrificing to keep everyone safe, and everyone working on the front lines (grocery, first responders, military, etc.). Most importantly, her kids. She doesn’t want them to ever be told they lost someone close to them.
Tip for At Home Activities:
Let the kids help with cooking dinner! My kids love to help and they eat more food when they get to be part of the process! Our favorite so far was DIY pizzas!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
I’ve been working from home for years so I’m used to this. I’m not used to having the kids home and trying to do school at the same time. I’m finding what helps get me through the craziness is having a really good schedule and sticking to it. Moving the kids (and myself) from one activity to the next (and one room to the next), allows me to take the entire workload off my shoulders and instead work on just one thing at time. Also, checking in with friends. We’re all facing the same struggles so it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.


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7. Sofia at @sofia__gora, is from Northwest Indiana. “Super boring, I know.” Boy mama of 2, Michael – 2.5 and John – 10 months. Get to know her over on her Instagram! Also, check out Sofia’s blog at!
Sofia is staying home for everyone. It’s important for us to all stay home to get through this quickly.
Tip for At Home Activities:
Growing plants together. We started to grow some herbs and it was fun!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Take care of yourself every single day! Self care is so very important. Look good, feel good!


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8. Emily at @emilywondree, lives in Virginia with her husband, their two little ones, and a baby on the way! After working in marketing for 8 years, she recently decided to become a stay at home mom and work fully on content creation + staying home with her babies.
Emily is staying home for her babies, Amelia and Asher, plus the little one in her belly. She’s staying home for her husband, who is also working at home everyday. She’s staying home for their parents and for her brother with disabilities.
Tip for At Home Activities:
Cosmic Yoga on YouTube is perfect to get free kid’s day started! Each video has a theme from Frozen to Trolls to Farm Animals. So cute!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Drive to Starbucks and go to the drive thru. Grab yourself your favorite coffee, drive back home with the windows open and breathe in the fresh air!


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9. Krystle at @queenofthebeehive, is a stay at home mom of 2 in Baltimore, Maryland and a lifestyle blogger at
Krystle is staying home to give her kids a fighting chance and avoid the risk completely!
Tip for At Home Activities:
We’ve been doing a ton of crafts with supplies we already have on hand. Pinterest is the best for this!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
To maintain my mental health and still care for me I’ve been making sure to eat well. Not giving in to the junk food temptations keeps me feeling better.


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10. Christian at @memorieswiththemulkeys_, is from Northern California. She is a mom of two and married to her high school sweetheart. You can check out her blog at:
Christian is staying home for herself as she is Immune compromised and her family.
Tip for At Home Activities:
Our favorite go to home activity is homemade play-dough
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Wake up 30-60 minutes before your children to get in some refreshing alone time.


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11. Kiera at @happilyeverelton, is a mum of two. She lives in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada with her kids and husband.
Kiera is staying home for everyone who is high risk to getting the virus. We all need to stay home and do our part to flattening the curve. I have family who are immune compromised and elderly grandparents, this is for them.
Tip for At Home Activities:
I love doing yoga in the morning with the kids!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Get out and go for walks or even get some fresh air. It’s essential for our mental health to get outside!


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12. Aileen at @bayliss.storybook, was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She loves it there besides the terrible traffic. She’s a mama of two sweet babies! Brooklynn and Knox are her absolute everything. She also loves spending time with family and friends, eating out, and is slightly addicted to RedBull.
Aileen is staying home for her two beautiful children, my husband, parents, and grandparents.
Tip for At Home Activities:
We made sensory bins with kinetic sand and then used different toy items that she already has at home!
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
It’s important especially right now during self-isolation that we check in with our loved ones! I know people checking in with me over the course of the last two weeks has helped me mental health. Also, walks! Long walks!!!


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13. Gabby at @theperrittenest, is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a mom of two beautiful girls, a professional photographer, and a content creator who loves to capture the beauty of life’s everyday magic.
Gabby is staying home for herself- She is immunocompromised and could really suffer if she got the virus.
Tip for At Home Activities:
We are staying busy with lots of arts and crafts, DIY projects and board games
Tip for Maintaining Mental Health/Self Care:
Find your tribe and make sure you remain in contact with people, get outside in your yard and sunshine as much as you can.


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Join the Movement!

How YOU can help:

1.STAY HOME! If you can stay home, do it! For you, for us, for everyone! Every person has an impact in this either for good or not so good. Be the good!

2. Visit each of us on Instagram and interact: Like our #StayatHome post. Leave a comment and let us know who YOU are staying home for! Each time you interact with our posts, it tells Instagram that our content is meaningful and it will allow more people to see it!

3. Share our post in your Instagram stories and use the #StayHome sticker!

4. Create your own #StayatHome post with a group of friends, or even on your own! Tag us in your post so we can support you and help spread this important message across Instagram!

5. Share this Blog post on Facebook! The more people see how we can ALL work together and make a positive impact, the quicker things will start to get better!

6. Be sure to share FACTUAL information whenever discussing this important top. Fact checking is SO important. Choose a CREDIBLE source. Every voice matters no matter how big or small so use YOUR OWN VOICE for a positive impact.

7. PLEASE be safe out there! Wash your hands, wear a mask if needed, buy what you need but please save some needed items for others. Health care workers and elderly especially are having a harder time finding needed supplies. If you have extra, share! If you need help, ask! Isolation can be hard but you are NOT alone. Reach out to anyone you can.

If you don’t have anyone, feel free to reach out to any of us.

We are all #InThisTogether!




Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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