Summer Nights at the Park

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As a mom of boys, summer nights are the best! Little boys don’t like to be held up in the house. They build up energy and need to run around and get it out. Now that the weather is warm, we’ve been spending evenings at the local parks. One of my favorite things about moving to Utah has been all the amazing parks all around us. We have so many great parks just minutes away from our home and it’s so fun to mix it up and let the boys play after a day of work. The evening weather is so relaxing as it’s still warm outside but not too hot and it stays light outside so much later this time of year.


I’ve partnered with Gerber Lil’ Beanies to give you some fun ideas for summer nights at the park! This past week, we have had some fun park adventures with the boys. We had our first family picnic at the park! For this adventure, we packed a picnic blanket (waterproof), meals in meal prep containers (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries, and Gerber Lil’ Beanies), and juice…..the boys’ favorites! Have your kids tried Gerber Lil’ Beanies yet? They are baked snacks made with beans just for toddlers. We buy ours at Target and they are available in two flavors: White Cheddar & Broccoli and Original. Our boys love both so we always make sure to have one of each on hand when we go out. They come in little cans and are really handy to keep in the diaper bag for an “emergency.” They’re naturally flavored and GMO free!!



After eating our picnic, we let the boys run around and get all their sillies out before bed. They had SO much fun, just as little boys do. While we allow them to use technology in our house, there is NO substitute for some good, clean, outdoor fun! Little boys need to get their hands on dirt, leaves, grass, rocks, and sticks. It’s just part of who they are….and while it does sometimes get dirty, it’s absolutely worth it to see the joy on their faces!



Feeding the Ducks

This park has a duck pond and it’s so much fun for the boys to feed the duckies. We save our old bread and hot dog buns for the ducks and when we have enough, we head to the park and let the boys feed the ducks. This was the first time heading back for the season and it was much different than our last visit in the winter. Last time we fed the ducks, they were CRAZY! They were trying to eat our shoes and boots and were totally swarming us, snatching the bread right out of our hands! This time around, there were so many people at the park all day that they were just snacking instead of starving so they didn’t get out of the pond to come near us. They did enjoy some of our snacks and the boys had so much fun enjoying their favorite snacks while feeding bread to the duckies!


Summer nights at the park are so much fun! The best part, it’s free! We always bring a snack and some water or juice for the boys and just let them enjoy being outdoors. Whether they are playing on the playground, running through the grass, collecting leaves, or feeding the ducks, there is SO much fun and relaxation to be had at the park and this summer we’ll be spending MANY nights at our favorite parks!




Gerber Lil’ Beanies are available at a variety of stores. I’m a Target mama so we always buy them at Target in the baby snack/food aisle! They are super affordable and ready to eat…. perfect for toddlers! Both our boys (age 2 and 3…almost 4) love them!


“Let’s Go on an Adventure” Tees from The Blue Envelope

“Harvest Romper” (gold) and “Morse Dot Romper” (teal) from Rad Revolution Kids


What are YOUR favorite ways to spend summer nights with your kids? Leave a comment!




Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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