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Have your ever tried essential oils? I had my first experience with essential oils when Aidan was a newborn, about three years ago. I had no idea just how many things essential oils can be used for and was really interested to learn more. I’ve been hooked ever since!

I received a complimentary subscription box called The Aroma Box from Coffee Grace Oils in exchange for sharing an honest review with my readers. Admittedly, I am very delayed in posting my review since I received this box during my pregnancy when I was very sick. That being said, I’m very excited to share this with you!

The Aroma Box I received is  Back to School Box and it came carefully packaged with three larger items and cute bag filled with two more items. There was also a postcard included that shared the recipes used to make each of the items in the bottles, which I thought was really cool!

Here is everything that was included in my box:

Thieves Hand Sanitizer:

2 oz Distilled Water
1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
2 Teaspoons Carrier Oil
15 Drops of Thieves Essential Oil

Lice Spray:

2 Oz Distilled Water
10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
10 Drops of Lavender
Directions for use: Spray on shoulders, hair, and jackets.

Focus Blend:

15 Drops Cedarwood
15 Drops Lavender
15 Drops Vetiver
1 TBSP Carrier Oil
Directions for use: Apply before school and before tests.

Also included in the box was a postcard with some helpful information about how essential oils work and some tips for usage that reads:

What are Essential Oils?

Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are olding natures pure essence. Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their medicinal, spiritual and emotionally uplifting properties.

A small booklet called The Amazing, Outstanding, One-of-a-kind Lemon dropper miniature handbook. It talks about the type, extraction, and uses for a variety of popular Young Living essential oils. It was really interesting to learn more about some of the other oils and what they are used for!

Inside the little bag was a bracelet and a small sample of another oil. The card included the following instructions for use: “Put 2-3 drops of the sample essential oil on the back of your diffuser bracelet and calming feelings that last for 3-4 hours.” The bracelet is decorated with pink and blue embellishments and has a magnetic clasp so it easy to use. It didn’t say what the sample oil was, but it smells a bit like lavender with possibly eucalyptus undertones.

Overall, I think the box was great! Everything included gave a very well-rounded approach to the Back to School theme for this Aroma Box. I also really liked that the recipes for the main three items was written out in case I wanted to recreate them. I love learning more about how to use essential oils and this was a great introduction. I think the Aroma Box would be a great gift for anyone wanting an introduction to essential oils or just a way to treat themselves.

Other themes for The Aroma Box:

There are several other themed Aroma boxes available. Some additional themes include: First Aid Box, Home Box, Mom Box, Beauty Box, Kid Box, and Guy Box. It’s a great variety that offers something for everyone!

About The Aroma Box:

The Aroma Box was created by Brittnee Proha, a mommy to 5 little ones 9 and under. She operates the blog, Coffee Grace Oils. She has a beautiful Instagram feed, which is how I found her! Her blog covers topics of essential oils and motherhood.

The Aroma Box is available in 1, 2, or 3 month subscriptions. Each box includes 3-4 recipes and a free gift. Each subscription box is valued at $45 and sells for $30.


Learn more about Brittnee and The Aroma Box here:
Instagram: @britneeproha


What are YOUR favorite essential oil recipes?



Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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