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Lindsay Satmary mommy blog reviewsAs many mamas know, finding a great nursing bra is not the easiest task in the world. It’s quite hard to find the perfect combination of style, comfort, support, flexibility, and quality without compromising on at least one or two of those. After trying a variety, I have finally found one that is A-MA-ZING: the Wireless Push Up by TOMgirl Apparel! I discovered this company by chance while browsing on Etsy. I read lots of positive customer feedback and thought I should order. The customer service is great and I received my order right away, just in time to wear it to the hospital!



This maternity/nursing bra retails for $47-55 (depending on which straps you order) and is super comfortable while still providing support that many sport nursing bras are lacking. It feels like a “regular” bra, but is comfortable enough to sleep in because it has no underwire, which was very important for me because I found the underwires to be really painful to sleep in.

The best feature of this bra is the band is made from VELCRO® so it’s completely adjustable to grow and shrink as your body changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding! You are no longer limited to three settings. You can expand or contract the VELCRO® to fit your desired level of comfort. This is something that should be part of every nursing bra, because most breastfeeding mamas understand how frustrating it is to continue to change sizes so frequently. I started wearing this bra about 2 weeks before my second baby was born and now that he’s three months old, it’s still my favorite nursing bra!I only wish I had discovered it with my first baby!

There are two styles of straps: Open hooks and Nursing Clasps.

TOM girl Apparel nursing bra maternity clasps

I have one of each and I highly recommend the clasps because you can easily unhook them and re-hook them with one hand without any effort. The other strap style can be a bit tricky with one hand and take a few tries. Either choice of straps can also allow for the back to be worn “regular” or cross back interchangeably.

tomgirl apparel maternity and nursing bras

The overall appearance is sporty and stylish, definitely a welcome change from many very dated nursing bras on the market. This bra is available in a variety of fun colors. I have charcoal and plum and love both! The material is high quality and durable after washing. The cups are thick enough to mask nursing pads without being too thick that they feel uncomfortable. It looks and feels great under clothing. Overall, there isn’t anything I would change about this bra. I highly recommend it to all expecting and nursing mamas. You will definitely get your money’s worth in style and comfort!

Oh and there are also regular bras as well, for non-maternity options.

Check out more info below:

About TOMgirl Apparel:

TOMgirl Apparel maternity nursing braTOMgirl Apparel is a lingerie and loungewear company started after the birth of my first daughter. I was frustrated with uncomfortable bras, poor fit, and lack of support. With my changing size, I had to buy a new bra every month and was disappointed again and again. After years of searching for a bra that was both comfortable and flattering, I finally decided to create one on my own. Realizing that most brands did not even carry my size, a 30E, I came up with the idea of a VELCRO® brand back closure to fit women of all sizes.

The most important factors to TOMgirl Apparel are comfort, support, and fit. A new mom needs to wear a bra at all times to avoid leakage and to support her growing breast size. Therefore, the bra must be comfortable enough to sleep in while still convenient for nursing. With breast size and weight changing all the time, the adjustable VELCRO® brand closure makes it easy to customize.

Read more or order yours today in their Etsy shop here or the TOMgirl Apparel website here and be sure to “Like” TOMgirl Apparel on Facebook!




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