Vosego Virtuoso Bear Review

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We received a complimentary Vosego Virtuoso Bear for review. All thoughts are my own.

Choosing a stuffed animal friend for your baby or child is really special. There are endless options. When considering your choices, keep in mind the things that kids look for in a stuffed friend: They want their friend to be soft, big enough to cuddle with but not so big that they can’t carry their friend around, and they want their friend to bring comfort for them, especially during the night. For this reason, a friend who can play music to help sooth your child to sleep is a great idea!

Your child will be able to bring their friend everywhere and enjoy the music at home in their bed, on the go, during travel (perhaps at a hotel overnight), and even if the power goes out. What better music to enrich your little one’s ears than the classics? Vosego Virtuoso Bears come in two options: Ludwig which plays Beethoven’s Greatest Hits or Amadeus which plays Mozart’s Greatest Hits.They are adorable and make great companions for little ones!

Both bears share their composer’s features in hair and attire and have the composer’s name embroidered on the foot. Inside where the battery pack/speaker goes, you’ll find a little surprise: You can pull out the fabric to find the composer’s biography on one side and list of music on the other side. Really neat!

The bears are so soft and cuddly and great for young children to take to bed at night. Each bear will play 40 minutes of the composer’s Greatest Hits (the playlist is found inside the bear where the speaker goes). The speaker box is not attached to the bear at all, so you can pull it out to wash the bear by hand, if needed. I love that the bear is washable, although I also kind of wish the speaker would stay put so my kids don’t end up taking it apart. The battery compartment requires 3 AAA batteries and they are protected with screws so the child can not get to them. Each bear stands about 38 cm tall and is recommend from age newborn and up. We gave ours to Aidan and he loves his bear! It’s been great for him to be able to listen to the classical music at night before he falls asleep.



Vosego Virtuoso Bears retail for $49.99 and are available in Ludwig and Amadeus on Amazon! Use Promo code WNFNDC72 on Amazon for 20% off through 7/20!



Check back here on MAY 7th for your change to WIN a Vosego Virtuoso Bear of your choice as I will be offering a giveaway!

Tell me in the comments below if you would choose Ludwig or Amadeus for an early entry!





Written by Lindsay Satmary

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