What’s in my Diaper Bag?

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Caring for a newborn requires much care and love. Most likely, as a first time mom, you’ve read dozens of books, researched everything that popped into your head extensively, and spent hours online checking reviews and forums to decide which products are best for your baby. When a company has your concern and your baby’s sensitive skin in mind, it’s a beautiful thing!

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I remember so clearly the first time I held each of my babies in the hospital right after they were born. You read and learn about “skin to skin” in the hospital classes but when you experience it for the first time, it’s absolutely priceless! There is no feeling in the world more amazing than looking at a tiny, delicate, precious little life that you created! When choosing baby products, I try to always do my best for my boys to serve their unique preferences and needs. Recently, I discovered WaterWipes and I’m so impressed with the mission they have to create chemical free baby wipes that are perfectly designed for your new baby’s delicate skin. WaterWipes are made of 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. That’s it! No hidden chemicals or preservatives, no harsh ingredients, just the basics.


When you are on-the-go, you obviously can’t take all your favorite things with you every time you leave the house. However, bringing your own wipes along for child care situations (church nursery, day care, etc.) ensures you know what will be coming into contact with your baby’s skin. Along with my WaterWipes, here are a few other items I don’t leave home without:

What’s in my Diaper Bag?



WaterWipes6WaterWipes7Well, let’s start with the basics: diapers & wipes! I keep about 6-8 diapers for Aidan and 3-4 PullUps for Andrew along with 1 pack of WaterWipes (they share). I also include a portable change pad because if I need to change them in a public restroom or even the back of the car, it’s nice to have something for them to lay on that I can wipe down!

Not pictured here is a change of clothes for each of them, usually including one pair of pants and shorts for each.

Next, I think about places we may go. Often times, running errands means eating out and bringing our own bibs (also not pictured) gives me a peace of mind they won’t ruin their outfit! I also include Aidan’s rubber placemat because he is still a bit of a messy eater and I like to know he’s not eating any yucky table germs. It’s a breeze to use as it sticks to the table, has a pocket for spills, and can go right in the dishwasher when we get home!

Then, I think about boredom. I try to have a couple books and small toys they can play with in the car. Sometimes Andrew will bring his tablet, but we usually leave it at home. Small toys are easy to pack and don’t take up much space.

For safety, I bring our Medi Buddy, a first aid kit that’s diaper-sized and designed with little ones in mind. It includes band-aids, stickers, and a few other items for minor scrapes and bumps.

Things for me: I love my new EbaTotes diaper bag because there is enough room for me to include my stuff as well! I always try to keep a water bottle with me (the boys also have their sippy cups in their car seats), along with my wallet, keys, phone, and Xyloburst fruit sours for when I want something flavorful.

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What are YOUR diaper bag essentials?



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