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I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE YouTube! I’ve discovered so many amazing channels and creators over the past several years. As a mom of three, there are also quite a few channels that I watch regularly that make motherhood a little bit easier, more relatable, more fun, and more entertaining. When it comes to reality TV, I highly prefer YouTube creators to the traditional TV shows. I want to see the everyday stuff. It’s wonderful to see how many amazing moms are out there raising sweet babies, accomplishing their goals, living their dreams, and setting a positive example of how to be an amazing mom. These ladies inspire me and, if you’re a mom, I think you’ll like them also. Here are a few of my favorite mom channels along with a video from each of them so you can check them out.

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My Favorite YouTube Mom: Anna Saccone:

Anna Saccone is a mom and a wife. Her and her husband, Jonathan, created a daily vlog channel, the SacconeJolys, where they publish a video every single day showcasing their life in the UK with three kids and 6 dogs. Anna also has a personal channel where she makes videos about lifestyle, beauty, and motherhood. I discovered Anna when Emilia (their oldest daughter who is almost 5) was a baby. I’ve enjoyed watching their family grow with Eduardo (their son who is 3) and sweet baby Alessia (newborn, 4 months old). Not only are they great parents, but their kids are the exact same ages as our three kids. Going through the same life experiences alongside them, even across the ocean and through the screen, is really cool. Our boys love watching Emilia and Eduardo and we love knowing the SacconeJolys channel has family-friendly content that is great for our kids. (Jonathan also recently launched a channel just for kids with fun songs called Friendliest Friends. You can check it out here.) But overall, I just love watching Anna! She’s an amazing mom and seeing her grow into her role over the years has been wonderful. If you’re looking for a mom who is honest, loving, and an inspiration, you’ll want to check out Anna’s channels.

Supermom Michelle Pearson: Finding Balance

As you know, motherhood is filled with all kinds of challenges and trials. But Michelle Pearson, a mom of FIVE (including twin infants), makes it look so easy and effortless. I find her channel so inspirational and hope that I can challenge her supermama powers into my own life and learn how to create more balance with everything. While she remains honest about her struggles, she never stops or gives up. And through it all, she totally rocks motherhood with strength and grace alongside being a great wife and friend, involving herself into her church, her community, her neighborhood, and activities for her kids. She also works full time from home as a content creator. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, while she was recently pregnant with twins, she also wrote a book that comes out August 15th on Amazon called Deep Breaths: The New Mom’s Handbook to your Baby’s First Year which shares honest and real experience and advice for pregnancy and your baby’s first year. Definitely pick up a copy and subscribe to Michelle’s channel!

Supermom StyleMomXO: Keeping Your Home Looking Amazing

What if I told you that I watch videos of this mama cleaning her home every week and I thoroughly enjoy them? What if I told you that 20,000 other people also enjoy them? And even better, her Power Hour movement has taken over YouTube across many channels. The StyleMomXO channel is where supermama, Kimberly, shares with us tips and tricks for keeping your home looking amazing along with some fun lifestyle videos on beauty, shopping, cooking, and more. But her Power Hour videos are how I discovered her channel and they have made a huge impact on my life! Not too long ago, I was stuck in bed for 6 months during a difficult pregnancy. During this time, the entire house upkeep was left in my husband’s hands. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to recover from being bedridden. Doing simple tasks like walking into the living room and back would be about all I could handle. As I slowly began to recover, I discovered Kimberly’s channel and found inspiration in her method of using a Power Hour to maintain a clean home. She will write out a list of tasks and then the start time. For one hour, she will focus on only those tasks. Instead of being overwhelmed by the entire house, I found myself just pushing for one hour at a time. Slowly but surely, I was able to get our home back in order. Something so basic and simple that many people take for granted. But watching her videos each week really and truly inspires me to just do one hour, even when I’m exhausted and not feeling well. I guarantee if you watch a couple of her videos, you’ll feel the same way!

Supermom Ellie Mecham: Finding Strength through Infertility

The first video I ever saw of Ellie’s was the Ellie and Jared vlog when she found out she was pregnant with Calvin, their second baby boy. It was an emotional video because Ellie and her husband Jared had struggled for several years with infertility until their first baby, Jackson, was conceived through IVF. When they began their channel sharing their infertility and IVF journey, they had no idea just how big things would get. More and more people fell in love with Ellie and Jared as they began publishing daily vlog content inviting everyone to peek into their life for a few minutes every single day. Their channel has shared the most amazing moments of pregnancy and child birth for both Jackson and Calvin, building their dream home, and lots of special family moments. We had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and Jared when we first came to Utah a couple years ago and they are just the sweetest couple! This past year, their channel reached ONE MILLION subscribers! Ellie and Jared decided to give back to the community that they created in a HUGE way- they hosted an IVF giveaway and one family was to receive a complete IVF procedure! But the inspiration didn’t stop there. Through several other generous donors, they were able to donate an IVF cycle to SEVEN couples! I couldn’t imagine a better gift in this life than the gift of a family. Through their generosity, several of the families have already begun their IVF journey. The love that Ellie has for her boys is so strong and she’s such a cute and fun mom. You can just tell that she was made for motherhood! If you are going through infertility, I highly recommend checking out Ellie and Jared’s channel for inspiration and hope. If you have kids, the Ellie and Jared channel is filled with fun, family-friendly content daily that they will love to watch. Ellie also has a personal channel where she shares more lifestyle, beauty, home, and other types of content.

Supermom Caitlyn Neier: New Motherhood

Caitlyn Neier is a new mom to an adorable little girl named Scarlett. She recently started her channel this year and it’s growing quickly because she puts so much fun and hard work into creating great videos! On her channel, Caitlyn shares everyday moments from her life as a new mom, product reviews, and other lifestyle topics that encompasses all things #momlife. Although I already have three kids, I really enjoy watching her videos and I think first time moms will LOVE her channel! Also, I know many mompreneurs follow my blog. If you are looking to collaborate with a fun mom, I cannot recommend Caitlyn enough! She is such a pleasure to work with and you will love her! You can reach out to her on her channel for more info! Be sure to also check out Caitlyn’s Instagram for ADORABLE photos! I seriously love her feed so much!


Hope you love these mamas’ channels as much as I do! I’ve always wanted to do a mom channel but I just don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I’m kind of a disaster to put it lightly. Perhaps I may practice someday, but in the meantime, I will stick to blogging and social media and watching other moms on YouTube do what they do best!

Who are YOUR favorite Moms on YouTube?



Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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